5 Amazing Monsoon Accessories for Your Pets,

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Having a dog means having another child. Whether it be summer, winter, or monsoon, you need to take care of your pet like a responsible parent. The droplets of rain and chilly breeze set an environment of thrill and excitement for your dogs.

While your dog loves the splash of water, the mud could spoil its coat. Therefore, being a pet parent, you must stretch a little extra to ensure the health and hygiene of your dog during monsoons.

Keeping this in mind, we have created a five-pointer accessory checklist for you to have for your dogs in monsoons.

Let’s check them out!

1. A Forever Loving Dog Raincoat

Dog raincoat is an obvious pick you will find on most dogs’ monsoon accessories lists. While it’s raining outside, you would not wish to skip your dog’s morning and evening walks, would you? That’s why you should invest in a good-looking dog raincoat before the monsoon starts. Besides saving your dog from the rain, a raincoat reduces the chances of dirt and mud amassing on your dog’s fur.

Whether you shop dog raincoats online or offline, check out all its vibrant colors and material types to choose a fashionable raincoat for your dearest dog. Also, you can purchase a hoodie raincoat to ensure your dog’s ears, face, and head gets saved from the rain, too.

2. An Anti-organic Tick and Flea Spray

The chances of happening coat infections, ticks, fleas, heart565worms, and mite infestation on your dog’s coat during monsoons are mightier. Therefore, a tick & flea spray becomes the second crucial monsoon essential for dogs. A tick and flea spray can protect the dog’s coat and fur from insect attacks.

These days, you can find tick and flea sprays with natural extract on the market. With those enriched sprays, you can prevent bacterial growth on your dog’s epidermis. Moreover, such a spray can kill any fungal infection from developing on your dog’s skin. So, when you step out with your dog in the rain, apply this spray on their coat and also carry it along for further use.

3. A Pair of Waterproof Paw Boots

In the monsoons, the roads become muddy and messy because of dirt and rain. To avoid getting the paws of your pet slushy, you should bring home a pair of monsoon boots beforehand. One great substitute for dog boots is dog wellies. They are chic rubber shoes and come with a matching shade to dog raincoats. You can purchase the entire combo if you wish to go a little extravagant.

Moreover, a few pet parents also carry disposable pet shoes when traveling or outdoors in the rain. If you don’t want to buy a pair of shoes for your dog and let them wander free, you should buy a foot-washing cup. Paw cleaning is mandatory in the monsoons to remove dirt and kill the chances of infection to your dog.

4. A Set of Wet Pet Wipes

We agree that the monsoon increases your dog cleansing tasks. But, being a pet parent is all about taking care and giving comfort to your pet, isn’t it? If your dog resists bathing daily, you should keep a set of wet pet wipes handy.

These wet wipes for pets are non-alcoholic and made of non-woven fabric to ensure pet comfort throughout the day. You can use these wet wipes to simply clean their body parts like feet, paws, ears, nose, mouth, hips, and ears.

Additionally, you can keep towels with you during the monsoon to dry up your dog after he comes back from his little rain tour. Believe us, having wet wipes and towels during rains is no less than a blessing!

5. A Dry Pet Bathing Shampoo 

If a dog has taken a bath in the rainwater, it is easiest to compromise its hygiene. Even though it is monsoon, you should clean up your dog daily and regularly take him a bath.

To make sure your dog is clean and hygienic during the rainy weather, you should buy a dry shampoo for him. This dry shampoo will not make your dog’s coat oily or sticky. That’s why your dog won’t resist much for his next bath.

Moreover, cleaning with shampoo makes the dog coat clean which is a must in the monsoons. While other dogs would look like mud in the playground, your baby will shine like glitter!


While your pet is busy jumping on the water puddles or playing in the mud, you should be busy taking care of him. Start stocking these monsoon-worthy accessories for your pets today to stay armed before monsoon hits. With these monsoon pet gears, you need not worry much and just enjoy the rain with your pet outdoors!

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