4 Best Ways to Save Water at Home

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If you are a science student then you must know that water is the second most important element other than air for the preservation of life. 2.5% of the world water is available in the form of ice caps and the remaining 97.5% water is available in oceans and seas. The sea and ocean water are not safe for humans as it is too salty. So human life is dependent on a small amount of fresh water.

Saving water is very important because we use water for cleaning, other than drinking. In this article, I will tell you some important tips regarding the saving of water.

Check for leakage in taps:

It is the most cause of water wastage. Many of us ignore the tap leakage in different parts of the home like a sink, toilet tap, shower, and cloth cleaning tap. Although the leakage is of a few drops, according to research, more than 100 gallons of water is wasted per day by this leakage.

Take a short Shower:

Water wastage during a shower is also a major cause that can lead to a shortage of water in the future. It is often seen that while taking shower, we scrub the body with soap, while the water is still flowing. Most of us take more than 20 minutes to take shower. Many researchers say that 5 minutes and 10 gallons of water is enough for a healthy shower. Thus, shortening time will save water.

Install Water-saving Flow Restrictor Shower Head:

Older shower-heads waste a lot of water. This problem is solved by water-saving flow restrictor shower-heads. Although it is a little bit expensive as compared to a conventional shower head it will automatically cut off the water flow after every 3 gallons instead of 10 gallons. So, it will save a lot of water per day.

Never run the hose while watering the gardening or washing Car:

This is a very important method to save water. It is commonly seen that while watering the garden, the main hose is fully open whether it a little water or not. Similarly, while washing a car, the water hose remains open and we are doing some other tasks like talking on the phone. In order to save water, open the main hose to as much as needed, and cut off the water flow while talking on the phone during car washing.

In short, save water—-save our planet.

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