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Getting out of the dust and dirt from house is quite tiring job especially when you have kids at home. The dust inclusive of hairs, dirt particles, debris, soil, and other dead cells in and around the house are not hygiene to live in and so you need to remove them to maintain your house clean. All these can get into the corners or under the sofas and due to the dull lights, the scatter easily and might go unnoticed to our eyes.

The good thing to know is that this dust can be removed when noticed and these are not something that are difficult to remove. All you need is the better dusting tools and cloths to dust them. You should definitely need the better dusting materials to clean the surfaces, cupboards, shelves and other places at house.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the tips you need to keep in mind before buying the duster cloth.

Cotton material

As we all know that cotton is the king of clothes it has better qualities that helps to keep your house dust free. It has better absorbing feature, durable and great strength. The duster cloth that is made out of cotton is better to clean the house as it can have better shelf life, easy breathability, and absorbing capacity. Thus, you can buy the duster cloth made out of cotton.


Another advantage of using the duster cloth is that you need to choose the cloth that is useful in doing many house hold chores. The cotton dusters might be useful in doing different household works, and with one towel you can dust all the materials at house including the furniture, kitchen, bedroom shelves, study tables, etc. and excellent duster cloth will be versatile enough to clean your house. It can clean the grease to all the water droplets in the house.

Durable and easy maintenance

Another thing you need to consider is to check if the duster cloth can be used to clean all the areas in the house including mirrors, tables, glassware’s, floors, doors, and cleaning the electronic items including TV, computer and speakers. Perhaps, you might have to search for the better-quality duster material to clean them daily and should also be able to maintain them. The maintenance of the absorbable clothes is easy as they can be washed and dried in sun to get it useful the next day.

Safe to the skin and washable

Another tip to look into while choosing the duster cloth is to check if the material is skin friendly. As you will be using it almost the entire day to clean the house, you should ensure that this duster cloth is safe to the skin and do not cause any rashes. The high quality, tight fibre duster cloth will not leave the lint and will give you great finish towards the end of the day. Ensure to buy the allergen free cloth for long usage.


Are you planning to buy the better duster coth, then go to the store that contains the above mentioned qualities to get your house holds done in short time?

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