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The most beautiful feeling of becoming a parent can’t be compared to any other feeling. The bliss that blooms with the journey of parenthood touches the seventh sky.

However, there are plenty of responsibilities on parents’ shoulders as soon as they bring their newborn baby home.

Welcome to the whole new world of fun and adventure to all the new mothers out there. Being a mother is not easy as you have to sacrifice a lot to take care of a newborn but it’s fun on the other side. In modern times we have so many new inventions and technologies that have made our lives easy. Similarly, being a new parent is not that difficult task these days because we have so many baby products introduced in our life that not only saves time but also energy.

Here we will guide the new mothers about ‘what essentials are needed to be bought’ for your infant before he comes into the world.

For your ease, we have put together all newborn baby accessories that you would need for your little one during the early months and even after celebrating the baby’s first birthday as well.

Newborn baby shopping list

There are some points that moms should remember while shopping for their newborns. For instance, the clothes they shop for should be made of soft fabric that proves gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. Therefore, cotton clothes are the best choice for newborns.

There are plenty of newborn baby accessories that parents need to consider before bringing the little angel into the world. However, they should also keep in mind to keep these accessories as minimal as possible.

Your baby keeps growing, and therefore, parents should avoid the bulk of clothes and other newborn stuff.

Here is a list that parents must regard before their baby opens up eyes in this world. The list will help you out if you are new to the journey of parenthood. It will also help out parents who are missing something.

Milk bottles and pacifiers

Doesn’t matter if your newly born baby is breastfeeding or formula milk but you will always need baby bottle feeders and pacifiers for your baby.

Baby feeder bottles are mandatory. Baby feeder bottles are best for moms who do not feel comfortable breastfeeding their baby when they are out. So, they can preserve their milk in a baby bottle feeder for later use.

Moreover, pacifiers keep your baby calm whenever they feel hungry as it distracts his/her mind.


Owing to the reason that you will need some time to find out the right brand and right size of your baby, don’t accumulate piles of diapers before the birth of your baby. Therefore, just purchase a single box of diapers before your little munchkin’s coming.

Grooming kit

Newborn baby grooming kit includes:

  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Nail clipper
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Scissor
  • Nail Filer
  • Dropper for medicine intake

It is a complete grooming kit for your little one. Moreover, it also includes a digital thermometer for your little one which is safe to use.

A grooming kit is mandatory because all newborn baby essentials are packed in one box. For instance, nail clippers are specially designed to cut off your baby’s nails. Hence do not use any usual nail clipper for babies as sometimes it can be hazardous.


You don’t want to make your baby’s clothes messy, right? Therefore, shop at least 6-7 bibs for your little one.

Tie the bib lightly around your baby’s neck while feeding. Wipe milk mess around your baby’s mouth with purchased bibs.


Blankets are must-haves for your babies. It keeps your little one warm and pleasant. You can also wrap a blanket around your baby that adds extra comfort.

Moreover, blankets are essential during winter seasons. Your baby is sensitive to temperature changes. Hence in cold temperatures blankets provide the optimum warmth your baby needs.

Diaper bag

Mothers always need a diaper bag no matter what. It helps mom to keep all newborn baby items in one bag. Moms can easily carry this bag anywhere they desire.

Rash cream

Newborn babies are more prone to rashes. Their skin is ten times more sensitive than ours. Even if you take additional care, sometimes the baby’s skin reacts, and rashes pop up.

Undoubtedly, rashes can prove throbbing for your baby, and not every rash cream is made to heal those rashes. Hence, search out for best rash cream for your newborn baby before birth.

A bassinet

Your baby requires space to grow. Moreover, rather than shifting your newly born to another room bassinet is a good choice.

Bassinets are not obligatory, but if you want to keep your baby safe and secure then a bassinet is a must to buy before your child’s arrival.

You can choose bassinet accordingly as there is a wide range of options for parents especially if you are performing online newborn baby shopping.

Changing sheets/ Changing pads

Change your baby’s diaper on changing sheets. The changing sheet does not occupy loads of space. Moreover, it is also convenient for mommies to keep all necessary changing items in one place, like diapers and rash cream.


Vaseline is mandatory to purchase before your baby’s birth. Vaseline is hypoallergenic, which means it is perfectly appropriate for a baby’s sensitive skin.


It also prevents rashes that are caused by diapers. So, don’t think twice before applying Vaseline to your baby’s skin.

Bathing seat

Mommies who have recently given birth to their babies are advised to avoid lots of stretching. Hence when they give baths to their newborns, bathing becomes a struggle for moms.

The bathing seat can be placed on the sink or basin, so mommies need not carry out a lot of struggle while bathing their babies.

Other accessories to consider before the baby’s arrival

  • 3-4 pairs of baby booties to keep them warm and cosy.
  • Baby head protector pillows are for toddlers who just started taking a few steps. If they fall, a baby head protector is there to secure them from injuries.
  • Washable panties are one of the most significant newborn baby accessories. Buy at least 5-6 washable panties for your newborn baby.

There are a few more things discussed below category wise:

A comfy place to lie

The first thing parents need to keep in mind is a newborn baby’s comfort zone. Apart from cradling and skin-to-skin contact, what is another snug place for your baby? For the first few months, cradles and a playpen are the best options for your newborn.

If parents are co-sleeping with their baby, they would need a flat mattress.

  • Baby bouncers are also a snuggly place for a newborn baby. A good-quality baby bouncer also assists in supporting the baby’s neck and back.
  • Automatic swings prove a life-saver for parents. It allows parents to perform their tasks freely while their cuddly bears keep enjoying the automatic swaying and melodies.
  • Carrycot is useful while traveling. Explore the mesmerizing world with your little angel.

Bathing Time

For most babies, bathing time is the most annoying thing for them, especially for a newborn. However, having access to some entertaining bathing accessories for newborn baby make their bathing time enjoyable.

Moreover, sometimes bathing a baby becomes a hard job for mommies. Too much bending and stretching is not suitable right after giving birth. Hence buying baby bathe items becomes mandatory for moms.

Here’s a list of items that accommodate moms and babies both.

  • Baby bather seat makes bathing easier for newborns and mommies as well.
  • Cute bathing shower cup ensures safe bathing. It protects the baby’s eyes and face from shampoo that causes teary eyes.
  • Baby shower cap for toddlers is perfect for making them fall in love with bathing.
  • Hooded fluffy blankets keep a baby warm after a lovely bath.

Play Time

It is vital for toddlers to have some playtime at home. Playtime increases a child’s mental growth. Moreover, it also keeps a child engaged and animated.

Purchase some learning toys for your baby as it amplifies motor development in infants. It involves bone strengthening and muscle strengthening.

Note: Keep a close eye on your baby during his/her playtime. Also, never leave your toddlers alone while they are playing.

Mom essentials

Here is a list of mom essentials that no one told you about:

  • Baby diaper bag backpack to place all newborn baby products just in a single bag.
    Furthermore, don’t make your hands occupied when you can hang baby diapers as a backpack.
  • Electric breast pump to express more milk in less time. It is also helpful for mommies who have sore breasts. Furthermore, it increases and maintains milk supply.
  • Burp clothes are essential for mommies. It protects your clothes from baby spit-ups.

Doll up your baby girl

Whenever a baby girl is born, first thing to pop up in mother’s mind is to doll them up. Thus mommies start shopping for your newborn baby girl.

Then let’s check out the inventory to know what to shop for newborn baby girls.

  • Headbands to give your newborn baby girl a cute look.
  • Cute baby girl shoes
  • Baby girl gloves to keep her hands warm during winters.

Check out more and adore your parenthood journey to make it a smooth journey.


Online shopping for babies in Pakistan is grasping a trend like a wildfire. Hence parents can effortlessly discover whatever they fancy for their baby on the way. All the mentioned items are easily accessible in online stores. You only have to find out a reliable online store. And when it comes to the shopping of a newborn, “baby town” is one of the best online store that provides every kind of amazing baby products with the best quality.

So don’t miss out on any baby items with the list provided. We wish parents the best of luck for their upcoming journey of parenthood.

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