How to Write a Literature Review?

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A publication-based survey on a specific topic is a literature review, as, in it, we mentioned an overview of the knowledge-based data by following a method.

It is mostly based on publication in which we analyze critical data and write it with facts and figures and graphs.

Before writing literature, the review does a proper search for it with these following steps:

  • Search on a specific topic
  • Evaluate relevant sources
  • Identify formats, gaps, and debates
  • Outline the format structure
  • Start writing the literature review

Please expand your search area for your literature review and make it possible to go into the deep down of the research on a specific topic. And make a list of proper keywords that you are going to use in your literature review. Define the appropriate keyword for each concept to make it more straightforward and more precise and well defined.

In case you find relevant data or articles related to your project, explore it with more in-depth, and mention the citations of the items you add in your literature review. In case you need help, ask for help from your professors or supervisor, or you can use other relevant sites such as Quora, ResearchGate, or many others.

After making a clear picture of your literature review with analytics, synthetics, and critical evaluation. Start writing it with the format by following the outlines you make for it.

Follow these steps to draft your literature review

  • Define the Goal
  • Do Your Research
  • Ground the Summary
  • Develop Review Logically
  • Include References/ Works Cited list

The size of your literature review depends on the depth of your project or your specific topic. Most probably, if the length is 10-15 pages, then include at least 5-6 sources and references to review your literature paper. But make sure all your data, facts, and other analytics in your literature review.

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