How to Share Ufone Balance? | How to Check Ufone Sim Number?

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Ufone or Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited is Pakistan’s GSM, the cellular benefit supplier. It is in the third position holder of entering the electronic market of Pakistan.

After receiving fame in the electronic market, Ufone updated its services, one of their services was sharing balance from one sim to another. Balance sharing services were later named as UShare.

With this benefit, you’ll share the balance with any other Ufone client. The strategy is straightforward, and all Ufone clients can have ease with this service.

Steps of sharing balance in Ufone

  1. You have to dial *828#.
  2. Type the recipient number.
  3. Type the amount of how much you want to share the balance.

For example

  1. *828#
  2. 03327895347
  3. Rs.60

The maximum amount of sharing balance in Ufone is 200.

Sharing of balance conditions

  • Service charges will be 3.99+tax.
  • Customers can do four transactions per day.
  • If the user spent Rs.150 balance from their sim, only those could avail the Ushare offer.
  • If a person is far away from any easy load shop, they can ask a friend to share in urgent situations.

Reasons if the person cannot avail Ushare services

  • Maybe this person must be using an old sim.
  • Sim used from a different network.
  • In condition, the sim is blocked.

How to Check Ufone Sim Number?

With client support of over 23 million, Ufone has grown to become one of the world’s largest telecom networks. It is, in fact, the only consequence for many Pakistanis due to its great global exposure. Ufone seems to be a subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL). However, with the recent introduction of all of its 4 G networks in twin cities, Ufone has expanded its 4 G service to numerous locations worldwide, including Lahore, Karachi, Abbottabad, Sialkot, and others. 

Ufone is one of the most prestigious telecommunications companies in the country. It has always focused on Pakistani residents, providing them with the most up-to-date communication modes and services. Ufone offers its clients simple pricing that is free of hidden fees.

There are times when you forget your Ufone sim number or find a sim on the road that has no balance and can’t be used to contact anyone. So, the first and important thing that comes to mind is how to check the Ufone number without calling anyone.

If you have a Ufone sim and can’t seem to recall your phone number, this article will explain how to check your Ufone number using several ways. 

We have listed few ways that help you find your SIM number easily:

Method 1:

  • Start, open your phone dialer, dial *780*3# on your mobile phone, and click on the call icon. 
  • Following that, your phone number will appear on your screen, as seen in the image.

Method 2:

  • Click on your mobile messaging application and then type a new message. 
  • Next, in the text box, type MNP and send it to 667.
  • After some time, the service will send a message to the users with information on their Ufone number that includes the activation date and the name of the Sim user.
  • It isn’t a free method and will require some investment. To make this understand that your phone is charged before using the service.

Method 3:

  • It is the most basic way of them all, and all you have to do is open your phone’s keypad dialer. After that, dial *1# on your mobile phone to see your number. 

Method 4:

Customers of Ufone can also call the helpdesk to verify all of the details of their Sim number. If you want to contact Ufone customer service, dial 333 from your phone. Pay attention to the information provided by the operator and provide all the information requested.  If the phone number is registered under your CNIC, the operator will disclose all information, including the Sim owner’s name, phone number, and activation date.


We’ve listed the best and effective ways to find your Ufone SIM number and sharing Ufone balance. This post will assist you in determining the most acceptable option so that you can trace your phone number without difficulty.


What is my SIM number, and how can I locate it?

Send a blank SMS from your phone to “7421′′ to receive your SIM number in an SMS on the same phone.

What best type of method do you use to verify your phone number?

You can locate your phone number under Settings > About Phone or Device > Status > My phone number on any Android phone, regardless of the manufacturer. SIM card status show in the Status section of some Android phones.

How can I find out my SIM number from my ID card?

Using text messages:

  • Open your mobile text message option.
  • Without using any hyphens, type your correct CNIC number.
  • Send the type message to 668 after you’ve finished.
  • Shortly, you will get a text message with the total number of active SIM cards associated with each operator listed on your CNIC.

What is the best way to verify the details of my Ufone package?

Call *706# to check your remaining Ufone data, or download the My Ufone App to see your remaining data, minutes, and validity details.

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