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Some people have a bias towards assisting others who are in need. Such folks are regarded as diamonds in our world because they have compassionate hearts. So, are you someone who enjoys helping and supporting others? Let’s say you’re a Telenor customer with a lot of balance and a desperate friend or family member asking you and asking you to contribute some. The only stumbling block that may still exist is a lack of understanding of how to transfer your phone’s balance. You don’t have to be worried because we’ll help you.

Using Telenor’s intelligent share function, you may effortlessly share your balance or credit with friends and family. If you have a Telenor SIM card, you may effortlessly share your balance using the below balance sharing code.

Telenor Smart Share is a unique service that makes it easy to transfer balances from one Telenor account to another. Telenor is a mobile phone business headquartered in Norway that operates in several countries, including Pakistan. In the previous several years, the number of Telenor subscribers has risen dramatically.

However, as the number of users grows, the ability to share balance becomes increasingly important. Sharing your bloated balance is no longer a problem when you use this service. It is simple to share with friends, family, and other relatives. You must use Telenor’s Smart Share offer if you want to share your balance from one Telenor to another. This general balance option is only available to prepaid customers.

Telenor Balance Share Code is a code that allows you to track how much money you have. You may transmit the balance to a Telenor phone using the Telenor Balance Share Code or the Telenor Balance Sharing service. To avoid any problems, you must understand the entire procedure and fees.

Telenor Balance Share allows you to share your balance with your friends and family. We will show you how to enable Telenor Balance Share and share your balance with your friends and family.

If you have a Telenor prepaid SIM card, you can activate it using the Telenor Balance Sharing activation method described below:

Balance Share of Telenor:

To share your balance, open your call log and write *1*1*NUMBER*Amount#, followed by yes. A pop-up message will appear immediately confirming that you will definitely share your balance. To share your balance, you must reply 1.

You must dial like this if you wish to share Rs—100 with any number:

  • *1*1*923451234567*100#
  • To confirm the Telenor balance transfer, press one on your keyboard.

Code 2021 for Telenor’s Balance Share:

  • *1*1*Number*Amount# is Telenor Smart share code.

To Jazz, Telenor has given a share of the company’s balance sheet:

Telenor is presently giving a balance sharing offer to its network subscribers. Telenor Balance Share To Jazz is expected to be launched here soon.

Zong Receives Telenor’s Balance:

Telenor’s balance sharing service with Zong is not available at this time.  We’ll update this page as soon as Telenor launches this deal.

Warid gets Telenor’s share of the Telenor balance sheet:

Telenor Balance Share to Warid sim is not accessible yet, as is the case with other networks.

Ufone shares Telenor’s balance:

Sharing balance between Telenor and Ufone Sim is not available.

Balance of transfer from Telenor to Telenor:

Users of Telenor can consult this website for comprehensive information on How To Transfer Balance From Telenor To Telenor. We’ve also given you the Telenor Balance Share Code 2021, which you may use to send your balance to a friend or family member. Take a look at the critical features of Telenor’s brilliant sharing service.

Conditions of Sale:

  • At any one time, you can share anything from Rs. 20 to Rs. 200.
  • Only Telenor prepaid customers can transfer their balances.
  • Apart from the sharing amount, RS 5.98 would be deducted.
  • A maximum of ten times per day may you share your balance.


Telenor has been providing a wide range of excellent services to its consumers in Pakistan. Telecommunication businesses are improving every day by ensuring that their clients’ requirements are quickly and easily, such as packages with inexpensive calls, SMS, and internet costs.

Telenor provides a balance sharing option to make life easier for its customers. Telenor customers can ask their close friends, family, and coworkers to share a portion of their balance with them when they are in need.


What is your method for dividing your money?

It’s a two-step method to give your balance:

  • *828*Recipient Number*Amount#, for example, *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#.
  • The customer will ask the following questions: Send Rs. 10 to 0333xxxxxx by replying with 1. Conditions of Use.

What is the procedure for transferring my phone balance to another phone?

Simply phone *141# and follow the instructions to transfer your cell balance. Send it to 121 with the text GIFT ‘Amount’. Transfer Limit: Amounts between Rs. 5 and Rs. Fifty can transfer to another network.

What is the procedure for transferring a Telenor credit?

Transfer Method:

  • g. *122*0345xxxxxxx*1000#
  • On the home screen of the My Telenor app, there is a “Transfer” button.

How can I get my Easypaisa balance onto my phone?

Then proceed with the instructions below:

  • From the main screen, select ‘Money Transfer.’
  • ‘Easypaisa Account’ is the option to choose.
  • Enter the account number for the receiver’s mobile device.
  • Fill in the transfer amount.
  • ‘Transfer’ should be selected.

Is it possible to transfer Ufone to Telenor’s balance?

To send money, dial *1*1*345xxxxxxxxxx*Amount#. For example, to send Rs. 100.00 to a prepaid phone 03451234567, type and send: *1*1*345451234567*100#, then confirm the balance transfer by pressing 1.

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