How to Open JazzCash Account? | Three Steps to Open JazzCash Accounts

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JazzCash account is very in our busy life. It saves much of our time, and it makes it easy for us to manage our transactions. Since many people don’t know how to open a JazzCash account. Therefore, I am going to tell you how to open a JazzCash account? I am going to explain it in steps, so let us move ahead:

Step 1

Firstly, you need to register your mobile number if you want to create your JazzCash account. JazzCash users can register themselves to the account by dialing *786#.

Other network subscribers can register their accounts via biometric verification.

Step 2

Once you have registered yourself, now it is time to get your four-digit MPIN by simply dialing *786# or using your mobile app. All the transactions that you made from the mobile account are secured with this four-digit MPIN.

If you forget your four-digit MPIN, you can call 051-111-124-444 or dial 4444 from any jazz number and reset your MPIN.

Step 3

To deposit money into your account, you need to visit the JazzCash agent.

Write ‘B’ in a text message and sent it to 2179 to locate your nearest JazzCash agent. 

You can also transfer funds to your account through the bank account. You can do that through online banking. As you are a JazzCash user, you need to choose; Mobilink Microfinance Bank, once you deposited your funds, either through JazzCash agent or bank transfer, you will get a confirmation message from 8558.


Now you can make your jazz cash account, as you know now how to open the JazzCash account? Make your JazzCash account now and live a comfortable life. You can easily manage your transactions through the JazzCash account, you can pay bills, send or receive money, and many other things can easily be managed through the JazzCash account.

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