How to Cook the Freekeh?

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The Freekeh is used to prepare dishes based on fish, meat, vegetables, and desserts. In this article, we will see the three main methods of cooking this cereal.


Time of cooking: 15 minutes

  • Start by washing the FREEKEH in cold water for 2-3
  • Pour the FREEKEH into a pot and cover with cold water
  • Bring to a boil over high heat and slightly reduce the power of the stove so as not to “stress the Freekeh too much”
  • Add a pinch of salt and leave to cook, flipping the freekeh from time to time with a fork.
  • Cook until all the cooking water is absorbed by the cereal.

This cooking method prefers raw oil and butter. It is used to prepare cold salads, quick first courses with sautéed vegetables, protein desserts that have freekeh as a base, and for single dishes.

This cooking method is useful for those who do not have much time to devote to preparing their meals and prefer to cook more than one meal.

The cooked Freekeh can be kept in the fridge for three days. It is advisable not to season the freekeh and to store the cereal in a container suitable for food storage.


Cooking time: 20 minutes

  1. If you have eaten Pilaf rice, you will be surprised to know that freekeh can also be cooked with this cooking method.
  2. Pilaf comes from the Persian “pilaon” meaning “boiled rice”.
  3. It is an easy and quick cooking method with very ancient origins: a type of traditional preparation, very simple, typical in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Turkish, and not as often thought Indian.
  4. Know that Freekeh prefers this cooking technique.

Here’s how to go about cooking Freekeh pilaf to perfection:

  • Always start by washing the FREEKEH in cold water for 2-3 minutes.
  • To make freekeh pilaf, you’ll need a pot of vegetable or meat stock and a pan in which you will cook the freekeh.
  • The pilaf cooking takes place by absorption, a bit like couscous.
  • Start by browning, in oil or butter, in a pan with some herbs, garlic, onion, and a stalk of basil (use other flavorings to your liking).
  • Pour the freekeh into the pan and toast it with the herbs for about 2 minutes over medium heat.
  • In the other pot, you will have prepared the broth, vegetable, or meat, pour it into the pan in which you toasted the freekeh.

A tip: To save time, heat the broth separately, at the same time that the rice is browning. This way the broth doesn’t take long to boil when you go to cook the freekeh.

The amount of broth should be about double that of the cereal.

  • Cover with a lid and let the freekeh cook for about 20 minutes, never stirring and on medium heat

Remember that for an excellent Pilaf Freekeh the important thing is to never find out until all the liquid has been absorbed.

  • In the end, all you have to do is the shell the Freekeh with a fork and add a small amount of butter or oil to whisk it.

This cooking favors vegetables, stew, curry, and oriental spices.

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