How to cook Smoked venison?

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Ham jerky is the best.

Venison goes great with smoked meat. In fact, smoked venison such as reindeer is a local dish in Scandinavia. In the first place, venison is low in fat, so it is excellent as a preserved food, and venison jerky is really delicious. The meat is hard to find for the average person, but if you can get it, please try making smoked meat.


  1. Venison block 600g
  2. Saumur liquid
  1. Salt 24g
  2. Sanon Tou 12g
  3. Black pepper, chili pepper 12g
  4. Grated garlic about 2 tsp

Smoked lumber

  • Sakura chips or wood

Process chart

  • Time required = 1 day
  • Salted = 3 hours
  • Desalting = 5 to 1 hour
  • Wind drying = 1 to 3 hours (refrigerator is also acceptable)
  • Smoke = 30-40 minutes (about 100 ℃)
  • Lay down = 1 day
  • Completed


  1. Buy venison: its best if you can get it locally, but if you can’t get it, you can either buy it for commercial use or buy it online.
  2. Salted: Carefully rub in 4% salt and sugar, which weighs 4% of the meat.
  3. Salted 3 hours Desalted 0.5-1 hour: Salting for 3 hours. Then remove the salt. Rinse the salt lightly with running water and put it in a bowl filled with water for 0.5 to 1 hour to remove the salt.
  4. After desalting: Rub in garlic, black pepper and chili peppers. A large amount of chili pepper makes it spicy smoked venison, which is recommended for drinkers.
  5. Preparation of smoked lumber: Absolutely recommended for smoking venison. Pete! In Scandinavia, it is also used for smoking deer. In addition, we have received opinions from people who purchased from local governments that venison and Pete are outstanding.
  6. Finish at once with hot smoked: Smoke time is 40 minutes-100 ° C or higher. Place a can of smoked material on a charcoal fire or a net, cover it, and slowly roast and smoke it with the far-infrared charcoal fire.
    If you use a normal smoker, you can smoke it at about 100 °C for 60 minutes using an electric stove or a gas stove. Smoked horns are the best for rabbits!
  7. Completion: Smoked venison roast ham! If the temperature doesn’t rise as much as you think, or if the meat isn’t hot, it has a smoked aroma and you can bake it in the oven.
  8. Various ways to eat: It goes well with salads and potatoes. But first, eat it as it is and drink alcohol! Limited to this. It also goes well with bread. Put it in a bucket or make a sandwich. It’s also great to sandwich cream cheese together.
  9. Venison jerky is also recommended: Please refer to the beef jerky recipe below for how to make it. This also matches the scent of peat.
    ↑ Pete smoked venison jerky, which is good for hunters living in Yamanashi.

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