How to Cook Couscous?

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A versatile dish, suitable for all seasons, couscous at the table brings together adults and children. It can be served cold or hot, but what matters most is that whatever recipe you choose to follow is still quick and easy to prepare. Discover all the secrets for cooking the perfect couscous on Sale & Pepe!

The original Recipe

The original recipe for couscous first of all involves the use of a couscous bowl to steam the grains. In fact, couscous must not be boiled. This semolina should be placed in the appropriate container or at least in a wide pan with a high edge, and covered flush with broth or boiling salted water. After a few minutes of rest, you begin to shell the couscous with the dta and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. You should not use a fork and it is good to remember that the proportions between the liquid part and the semolina grains must be 1 to 1.

Alternative Recipes

Spices for fish couscous

The spices in fish couscous are slightly different. For example, in the Trapanese one with paprika, coriander and pepper, saffron is added (which gives the dish its characteristic yellow color), bay leaf and parsley.

Recipes for cold couscous in salads

Couscous is a perfect food to create cold dishes that combine carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals from vegetables, meats or fish. The couscous salad cold can have numerous variants.

Among the recipes to try, prepare the cold couscous with aromas. With the lightness of the ingredients you will combine all the flavors of seasonal aromatic herbs. If you don’t have much time, use pre-cooked couscous. Follow the instructions on the package and quickly prepare the grains for dressing. Then you will need black Greek olives, buffalo mozzarella, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, wild fennel, parsley, mint, lemon juice, Tabasco, oil and salt. After working the couscous, all you have to do is cut the buffalo mozzarella into cubes and add it to all the other ingredients.

A very tasty variation to try is the couscous with vegetables and sesame sauce. You can also use couscous to prepare sumptuous and very fresh stuffed tomatoes.

Hot couscous recipes

Let’s start by saying that couscous was born as an ingredient to be kept for a long time and used when needed. It is also true that one of its original characteristics, as we have seen, was that it was served hot, mostly in meat or vegetable dishes. If you want to prepare an excellent hot couscous try the great vegetarian couscous with many vegetables cooked in a pan and flavored with ras el hanout.

The fish couscous with cherry tomatoes is more than hot: it is au gratin. The preparation in this case in fact involves a passage in the oven at 200 ° C for about 10 minutes in order to create a delicious crust. Halfway between cold and hot, a truly delicious dish is placed: couscous with citrus pesto, dried fruit and seared scampi. In fact, the sauce here is cold, but the shellfish to be added to the cooked grain must be hot. When couscous becomes a side dish, it can happily be combined with hot ingredients such as chicken breast. 


How to season couscous in winter

Contrary to what one might think, couscous is a perfect dish also for the winter. In fact, semolina grains can replace polenta or rice alongside stewed meat dishes such as veal stew with vegetables, chicken stew or rabbit stew.





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