How to cook chorizo?

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Cook Chorizo

Chorizo ​​is a spiced pork sausage typical of Spanish cuisine. It can be cooked inside its casing to be eaten on its own, added to other dishes, or served sliced ​​into a sandwich after being cooked.

Ingredients for 5 people:

  • 5 Chorizo ​​sausages
    125 ml of water

The main steps are:

  1. Grease a pan with a diameter of about 25 cm. Put it on medium-high heat;
  2. Add the sausage. Don’t await the pan to urge too hot;
  3. Cook the chorizo ​​for 5 minutes. The sausages should begin to brown; turn them frequently, using kitchen tongs, to prevent them from darkening too much on one side. Both sides should achieve the same shade of color;
  4. Reduce the heat and add water. Lower the heat to medium-low heat and pour the water into the pan;
  5. Cover the pan and finish cooking. Cover the dish and stew for 12 minutes;

When cooked, the chorizo ​​will be a nice brown color over the entire surface.

Baked chorizo

  • PREPARATION: 5 minutes 
  • COOKING: 30 minutes

The chorizo spiced oven is a meat dish that enhances the typical products of Spanish cuisine. Taste and simplicity, for a recipe made with few products but of great quality, determine the success of a second dish that is prepared in a very short time and will make all your guests happy.

Baked chorizo ​​is a recipe that requires the use of chorizo, the typical Spanish sausage, a sausage generally made with pork or beef, enriched with spices and aromas, which make the product particularly tasty. Chorizo ​​is found in the form of dried or fresh sausage. In this recipe, fresh chorizo ​​is used, the one that comes with a squat and large shape.

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