How to Check Telenor Sim Number?

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Telenor is the second biggest Network with more than 43 million active users in Pakistan. It started in 2005, and now, it became one of the usable network mobile operators in Pakistan.

Suppose you forget your sim number or buy a new sim and know the number of your Telenor Sim. You can easily find your Telenor SIM number with these simple methods, even with 0 balance.

But you can only check the Telenor Number with few conditions & terms.

Terms and Conditions

  • Check Telenor sim code on cell phone with 0 balance.
  • Check number with only active sim
  • Not work in inactive sim
  • Keep yourself update with Telenor website
  • For more information call help-line number
  • Check all bio information of your Telenor sim by calling help-line

Methods to check Telenor Sim Number:

  1. Code *8888#
  2. By Sending SMS
  3. Call to 345
  4. Through Website

Dial Code

Follow these steps to check Telenor Number

  1. Dial this code *8888# in your dial pad of Telenor Sim
  2. Directly get your active sim number on your phone screen with free.

By Sending SMS

Follow these steps to check Telenor Number

  1. Send Empty SMS to 7421
  2. Shortly, get a text from the operator and get your Telenor SIM number

Call to 345

Follow these steps to check Telenor Number

  1. Make a call to 345 operator number
  2. Ask the operator to check your Sim Number by giving details
  3. Name, CNIC, IMSI Number
  4. Shortly, the operator will tell you your Telenor Sim number.

Through Website

Follow these steps to check Telenor Number

  1. Go to Telenor official website
  2. Log on into their Live Chat button
  3. Ask them to check your Telenor Sim number by giving them these some details
  4. Name, CNIC, IMSI number
  5. Received your Telenor Sim number

In case, if your sim is inactive and you want to find your Telenor Sim Number. Then, you’ll get this by using the last two methods via call or website. In this scenario, you’ll not send an SMS to check your Telenor Sim Number.

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