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A scholarship is considered to be financial support to assist students in their education. Different nations provide this aid to their students to achieve the maximum and sense of security for preserving their future generation. Lately, the Pakistani Government has announced the ” Ehsas Scholarship” for the undergraduate students, and it is reckoned to be the first biggest ever scholarship program. In this every year, 50,000 students who have low-income would be eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship’s main purpose is to provide students with a platform where they can excel and grow, overlooking what their financial problems are. Pakistani Government aims to grant the medium of education to everyone, ensuring no one deprives. Apart from, providing the full tuition fee, the Government would give the monthly aid that is supposed to be 4,000 to the worthy families.

 Who can apply for the Ehsas scholarship?

 Students with low income.

Students that fall on the merit.

A student who is studying in public sectors regardless of which year.

Students with good grades and promises to show better results in the coming years. For more information click here

Which universities are covered?

 Universities that are recognized by HEC. 

To get the list, Click here

Which areas are covered? 

The geographical areas include the four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad and Jammu Kashmir.

How the payment will be delivered?

The fee of selected students would be delivered to their respective universities by the government and stipend will be available to the students through their bank accounts.

Why Ehsas scholarship is so special?

There are quite reasons for this, firstly it is the largest ever need-based scholarship for the students with the stipend provided for the families. Secondly, it empowers a large number of students than the previous scholarships that aimed to provide education for 30,000 students. Moreover, this scholarship put the focus on undergraduate students, securing their future by providing the platform.

How to apply for the Ehsas scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship  click here


The Ehsas Scholarship is the most significant student financial support yet seen in Pakistan; it is helping thousands of needy and competent undergraduate students every year to pursue their dreams, and their tuition fee is wholly paid for by the Government.

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