How to Apply for Canada Visa?

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Canada visa is an authorized stamp on your passport to visit the country “Canada”. It is legal permission for the visitor to travel the country all permanently or temporarily depends upon the nature of your visa.

To get the Canada visa you need approval from the Canadian embassy in your own country. The Canadian embassy declares you qualified and fulfill the requirements to get in the country.

Canadian border Investigation

Once you reach the Canadian border, the officer will decide whether you should go inside or not. If you answer all the questions of the Officer honestly then he will permit you. In case of any doubt, your request to enter may be rejected even if you have a Canadian visa.

How to apply – Step by step guidelines

There are different sorts of visa you can apply for including business immigrant visas, work visas, visitor visa, student visa, permanent residence visa and express entry visa.

Although each visa has its procedure to apply, here we shortlist some common steps involved in each application process in general.

Each Permanent Canada Visa has its application process. In general, you will have to go through the following steps to apply.

  1. Firstly, go to the official government website of Canada and go to the immigrate tab and then click on the option “find out if you can apply”. Take the form and then wait for the outcomes.
  2. If you qualify for this initial test then they will assign a code as a reference and provide you instructions on what is the procedure to apply.
  3. After this create your account with bank credentials or another login through Gov. of Canada.
  4. Input your reference code and apply it with all the essential documents.
  5. Pay the application dues after submission.
  6. Wait until you receive an interview visa call after successful processing. It may require your biometric verifications.
  7. Keep checking your details for a response on the visa processing status.
  8. Once your visa got approved, then mail your passport as instructed by the Canadian Consulate along with the processing dues.
  9. The consulate will approve your passport with a stamp on it and then send you a permanent travel card via email.
  10. Lastly, wait for a Canada PR card. Once you got your card, you are a permanent resident of Canada.

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