Why we often wake up suddenly before a deep sleep?

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After lying on the bed, your thoughts slowly disappear and the awakening begins the journey to sleep, but then suddenly there is a jolt in any part of the body and you wake up dramatically, Does this sound like something you’ve heard?

In fact, this is not an unheard-of experience but an experience that happens to 8 out of every 10 people and is known as a hypnic jerk in medical language.

It is actually a type of nerve stimulus (it also has a type of hiccups).

Experts say that these sudden shocks during sleep are very brief and sudden, and are often encountered in the first phase of sleep, this is the stage when humans are in the midst of awakening and deep sleep.

In this phase of sleep, the muscles become calm and often take this stroke as a feeling of loss of heart, then it creates a sore throat.

a hypnic jerk is also known as sleep apnea, which is without cause and at times it is a symptom of a hidden disease.

There are also certain factors that increase the likelihood of this experience, such as stress, excessive physical activity or exercise and certain medications.

Awareness of such a shock during sleep is common in healthy individuals but is at risk of developing fatigue, lack of sleep or caffeine or other addictions.

Often waking up like this does not cause anxiety, but if it is often encountered and difficult to sleep easily, it is best to consult a doctor.

Occasionally a sudden outbreak of sleep is also a symptom of an illness, so it is a good idea to check with your doctor if the severity of the disease increases and you experience it constantly.

For example, sleep apnea, a disease during which repeated breathing stops for a few moments, can result in cramps and, according to experts, when the airway is closed and oxygen levels decrease. If so, the brain sends signals that cause some kind of shock in the files.

There is no better way to prevent this problem, but it can be reduced by having a good bedtime and sleeping in a relaxed environment.

Reducing mental stress and consuming caffeine or tea and coffee can also be helpful in this regard.

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