Tired of not falling asleep?

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Do you often don’t get sleep at night? If yes, it may be a cure to hide in your kitchen.

Although dietary fibre is thought to be useful for digestion, certain fibres, such as prebiotics, can increase gastrointestinal resistance to stress by improving sleep.

This was revealed in a US medical study.

The Colorado Boulder University study found that this type of fibre not only prevents constipation but also has powerful effects on the brain and behaviour by feeding nutrients to the gastrointestinal tract.

Most people are aware of probiotics, which are found in yoghurt and cheese, and are beneficial for gastrointestinal bacteria, but scientists have recently focused on prebiotics, which are nutrients that are Humans are not digested but contribute to bacterial growth.

For research published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers began feeding adult rats on a prebiotic diet and examined its effects.

Researchers discovered that this nutrient reduces stress and contributes to better sleep.

Prebiotic fibre is beneficial for health, but it is not yet clear how a rich diet can help achieve good sleep.

It is common in legumes and cabbage, and now researchers plan to work on such a drug.

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