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With the increasing digitalization in every field of life, why health lags? In my point of view, health and technology are the two main domains that will remain till the existence of mankind as both make our lives easier.

Think for a while, is there any sector that is running without technology? the answer is NO!

From grocery shopping to bill payment, you can do everything online now. That’s why health is also advancing its steps towards the digital world. Many mobile apps provide you service to order medicines and deliver at your doorsteps. Similarly, now you can book an appointment with the laboratory and a technician will come to your door to collect your samples. And then you can get your lab tests’ results online.

Moreover, to find a doctor in your city particularly in your area, now you just need to do one click. Yes! Marham is helping you in the same way as you do online shopping or order food from your mobile app. It’s a digital healthcare platform that helps you to find, book an appointment, and consult the best doctors while sitting on your day bed. You can get the complete database of the best health specialists of Pakistan on the official website of Marham or on the Marham mobile app. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the online consultation facility of this platform is facilitating thousands of people. Marham has provided 100,000+ Online consultations.

How is the world getting normal with telemedicine and how is Marham providing these services… let’s get the details!

Find via Specialty

If you want to find a doctor with a specific specialty through Marham, just type the specialty name like Gynecology in the search bar and select your city. And you will get all the details of the gynecologists in your city. The details include doctor’s fee, timings, qualification, experience, services provided by them, and ratings/recommendations by the patients.

Find via City

You can enter your city and area detail in the search bar of Marham’s official website or mobile app, and find the specific doctor in your area.

Find via Disease

You can get all the details of diseases like causes, symptoms, risk factors, FAQs, in the diseases section. You can also find the doctors who give their services for that particular disease. And you can find the lists of doctors treating that disease according to your city also.

Find via Services

Marham has complete data of services provided by the doctors of Pakistan according to their specialties. You can find it in the main menu, under All services. Through this feature, you can get the detail of services or types of treatments provided by the doctors in your area/city according to your need.

Find via Hospital

You can also find doctors by typing the name of a specific hospital in your area/city. You will get the details of all the doctors available in that particular hospital.

Find via a surgical procedure

You can get the details of all types of surgeries done by the health specialists in your city or any particular city under the option of All surgeries in the menu of the website. And you can find the doctors who perform these surgeries in your city.

Check Recommendations and ratings

You can choose your doctor after reading the reviews and recommendations of former patients. And see the experience of those patients with that particular doctor.
Other services provided by the Marham official website or mobile app are giving you the following information;

Labs’ details

You can get the details of laboratories in your city/area. All the services provided by those labs are written under their names. You can also book your appointment with the labs through Marham.

Health Blog

You can read health-related articles on Marham’s blog. Many professional writers write those articles for you to give you knowledge about diseases, treatments, remedies, and many other health-related issues.

YouTube Channel

The Marham’s official YouTube channel has videos of doctors answering your frequently asked questions related to common diseases. The channel also does live sessions with the doctors, so you can ask your questions directly.

Facebook Group

Marham’s private Facebook group also provides you a platform to ask any health-related question that is answered directly by the professionals like dentists, doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, etc.

Free Q/A forum

Marham’s official website and mobile app also have a free Q/A forum where you can write your query and directly get answers from the best doctors of Pakistan.

You will have direct access to health experts with their assigned icons as you download Marham’s mobile app. You will be able to book doctor appointments, get a consultation from doctors, as well as review them, and be able to send them productive feedback.

Marham’s online consultation facility is gaining fame day by day. And during this COVID-19 pandemic, online consultation is like a piece of cake for everyone. Just download the mobile app of Marham, find the doctor, and book an online consultation. You do not need to wait in long queues or sitting in waiting areas for getting a consultation with the best health specialists in your city. Rather they are just a click away now!

Online consultation saves time, money, and your life (in the case of COVID-19 transmission). You do not need to spend money on traveling to big cities from remote areas to consult specialists. And by finding a doctor facility, you can find the best health specialists in the nearby areas.
In a nutshell, download Marham’s mobile app and make your life easier.

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