Symptoms of a heart attack in women

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Symptoms of a heart attack in women

A heart attack is a disease in which the patient’s death can occur if he is not provided with immediate medical attention.

Experts have long been looking for reasons to have a heart attack so that humans can be made aware of a serious attack (heart attack) and can help, as a heart attack is the leading cause of sudden death worldwide. Is.

According to research experts, the symptoms of a heart attack may be different in men and women, in this article we will list 6 symptoms that appear only in women at the time of heart attack.

Cold sweat:

Experts say that cold sweating is a basic symptom for women before having a heart attack, in which case you should consult a doctor immediately because it may be linked to nervous tension.

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Chest pain and suffocation:

Chest pain during a heart attack is the main symptom, but it is on the left side of the chest and in both sexes it is the same. But women can have pain in the right side and between the chest as well as the whole chest pain. Severity may be felt so in such a case the doctor should be seen immediately.

Waist, neck, jaw and arm pain:

Waist, neck and jaw pain is also one of the symptoms of a heart attack that can convince women, the pain can be sudden and dull, while the left side pain can cause a heart attack in both men and women alike. There is a symptom, but there can also be a pain in the right arm of women.

If any of these symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.

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Shortness of breath and coma:

Researchers say breathlessness or palpitation is a sign of artery closure.

Acute pain in the stomach:

It is characterized by gastric acidity, many women feel a heavy burden on the gastrointestinal tract, researchers advised that in such cases women should contact the physician immediately to diagnose the disease.

Severe fatigue:

Sometimes women experience severe fatigue even after waking up. If such a situation is encountered it is a sign that the heart is not pumping blood properly. Which is a sign of a heart attack?

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