Kissing a newborn baby is very dangerous

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Kissing a newborn baby is very dangerous. Sometimes children do mischief that parents and their relatives love and they love their children by adopting them.

Newborn baby Roman Dancefield was born four weeks early in February 2019 with jaundice and was placed in an incubator in the ward for newborns.

She was only allowed to meet with family members, parents Matthew and 27-year-old Daniela, 28, took hold on the fifth day and noticed that the baby had a scar on their head, which quickly became blisters.

Doctors later confirmed that her son had herpes and suspected that the disease was from a relative who had kissed her and that the baby was infected.

Roman was given an anti-viral drug to the doctor for three weeks and parents were given a cream to cure the disease.

The Rotherham couple from Yorkshire shared their story so that people could be aware of this and they would not kiss newborns to prevent the virus.

According to the baby’s mother, when she was first born, relatives came to the hospital to see her and they kissed her, lifting her.

According to doctors, we will never know who transmitted the virus.

Parents say we do not yet know whether we will be able to kiss him again or not, and we are in the hospital almost every day and believe he will recover soon.

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