Jacked Nutrition: 10 Years of Supplements and Commitments

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Muhammad Abbas was finishing up work on his first supplement store in F11 Markaz, Islamabad while sitting and watching the workers. The 36-year-old had undoubtedly suffered a mental and physical toll as a result of organizing funding for his new company, Jacked Nutrition, and teaching people about fitness. His train of thought was interrupted by a man standing in front of him telling him that the person Abbas had paid the advance rent to had fled.

Facing Challenges as a New Entrepreneur

Mind you, this occurred the day before the official opening. Try establishing yourself as an entrepreneur in Pakistan if you’ve ever felt that having a company idea while still in your teen years is challenging. The tenacious Muhammad Abbas faced difficulties at every turn, the aforementioned account being but one of many. He has been enduring it all for the past ten years, from fleeing vendors to dishonest real estate brokers. He has had a particular affinity for business since he was young.

Career Shift and Vision for Fitness

People with accounting degrees aspire to work for a reputable chartered accountancy firm, but Abbas was unable to secure one despite having an ACCA diploma. He seemed trapped in doing just one thing since he had too much potential and drive. In 2012, Abbas had the concept for his own fitness franchise, but Pakistan’s fitness market was still in its infancy. His certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine served as another impetus to spread the understanding of fitness as a science among the people of Pakistan and Islamabad.

Jacked Nutrition

Leveraging Social Media for Business Growth

His extraordinarily perceptive thinking allowed him to predict that the then-emerging phenomenon known today as social media would totally change marketing. Abbas would be sincerely describing a product whenever we opened our Facebook feed. His excitement spread like wildfire, and he revolutionized fitness for all people. His exceptional drive and expertise allowed him to capture a substantial market share and, as a result, completely alter the trend of Pakistan’s fitness industry.

Establishing Jacked Nutrition as a Market Leader

Despite numerous setbacks, Jacked Nutrition was successful in becoming a pioneer in the supplement market. Abbas stands out from the rest due to his thorough research methods. Abbas can give a thorough overview of every single item that Jacked Nutrition carries. His preoccupation with his work is borderline, but what a reward it has brought! Jacked Nutrition has grown from one store to eight first-rate retail locations in Pakistan, becoming a household name for all fitness enthusiasts. Abbas has successfully created a fitness ecosystem throughout Pakistan in under ten years.

Expanding the Fitness Empire

Abbas has everything covered. He successfully opened Islamabad’s Jacked Fitness Arena just a year ago. It is a unique fitness center with all of your needs met for exercise under one roof. With his most recent, Abbas unquestionably outdid himself. He introduced Pakistan’s first and only whey protein powder, ISO JACKED. It is a GMP-certified product that uses stevia as a natural sweetener. Jacked Nutrition also offers weight gainers, pre- and intra-workout supplements, creatine, BCAAs, and multivitamins, in addition to supplements and protein powders. Jacked Nutrition is now the top importer of foreign supplement brands like Doriyan Yates, Superior 14, and Nutrabio into Pakistan.

Looking Forward to Future Achievements

As far as accomplishments go, Abbas calls it the biggest one yet. Knowing him, he will likely do more wonders for Pakistan’s fitness sector in the future.

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