How to Get Rid Body Pain at home with Tennis Ball

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The human body is like a machine, just as a machine can suffer from some kind of malfunction during work, so sitting in the same position during work can sometimes cause pain in the human body. This pain not only makes a person’s work difficult, but by taking pain pills to get rid of it, a person can drown his stomach and his health – but today we can make it easier for you to get rid of such pains. Here’s how to put one together for use with a tennis ball.

How Tennis Relieves Hair Pain

Usually when a person has pain in the body, it can be relieved through massage – but in some places a person cannot get rid of the pain by massaging with his hands, in which case tennis ball is an excellent helper. It can be proven and it can cause significant relief in pain by restoring blood circulation in the tissues of the painful area.

1: For neck pain

reduce neck pain using tennis ball
If a person works on a computer for a long time or sits in the same position for a long time, it causes stiffness in the muscles of his neck which can cause pain. It may not be possible to do this, but the pain can be relieved with the help of a tennis ball. For this, place the tennis ball on the painful area under the neck and lie down for a while so that the tennis ball is just below the neck. When you are under pressure, you will soon realize that the pain will go away.

2: In case of back pain

reduce back pain using tennis ball
In case of sitting for a long time, most people complain of pain in the lower back and there is no age limit for this – but due to this pain, it becomes impossible for a person to get up and sit down. To relieve the pain, take two tennis balls and place them on the ground and lie down in such a way that the hair is towards the lower part of the back. Lying like this for five minutes can relieve back pain.

3: Shoulder pain

reduce shoulder pain using tennis ball at home
Prolonged work on the computer can cause shoulder pain. To relieve this pain, place a tennis ball on the ground and press the ball under the shoulder and lie down for a while. It can be a relief.

4: In leg pain

get rid of leg pain using tennis ball
To get rid of leg pain, place the tennis ball in the middle of the leg as shown in the picture and press it. Do this exercise for a while. You will find that it improves blood circulation and relieves the pain. Done-

5: Pain in the foot

get rid foot pain using tennis ball
To get rid of foot pain, press the tennis ball under the foot for a while and put weight on it, it can also relieve leg pain.



if you feel pain in different parts of body, then it is the simple solution. But if you have severe pain or don’t get any relief with this trick then contact you doctor and don’t try this trick without consulting the Doctor or physician.

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