Does CBD Oil Need to Be Refrigerated?

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Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the compounds found in Marijuana and Hemp plants. Unlike another component found in these plants named THC, Cannabidiol is not psychoactive and does not cause a high. The CBD market is increasing rapidly, indicating the effectiveness of the compound. It is available in different forms and methods of consumption. Some of them are CBD oil, topical creams, lotions and sprays, gummies, and chewable.

How to store the products?

Similar to any chemical compound or product, there are specific ways to store CBD. A proper storage method is required to keep the products from going bad and has an extended shelf life. Also, three factors mainly affect the composition of Cannabidiol products like oil. 

  1. Temperature – If you buy a CBDfx tincture then never store the product in hot conditions as it might compromise the quality. That is because the oil gets heated, which degrades the beneficial properties present in it. As a result, to preserve its components, you should keep the product at room temperature.
  2. Light – Some ingredients in the product may react to light. Thus, you must keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight. Although the packaging is tinted to block the light from entering the product, cautiousness is better.
  3. Air – Elements present in the air can react with the product too! That is one of the reasons for which the products come in air-tight containers and packaging. Also, it is why the products come in smaller containers.

Therefore, it is best to store CBD products, mainly oils, and topicals, in a cool, dry, and dark place in your cabinet.

Can you refrigerate the products?

CBD Products

You do not need to refrigerate the Cannabidiol products in the refrigerator. Cool temperatures can change the consistency of the commodity, especially if the carrier oil is coconut or castor. Although the consistency changes, you can still use the product. However, if you live in a hot and humid environment, it is wise to store the oil in the refrigerator. Keeping your CBD oil in a light, the warm environment can encourage mold and bacteria growth.

If you already store the Cannabidiol product in the fridge, you can bring it out and use it without heating. You can simply leave it at room temperature, and the consistency will change naturally.

Can you freeze the oil?

cbd oil

It is not a good idea to freeze CBD oil as the consistency becomes different. Like many other products, temperatures below the freezing point should be avoided. Furthermore, the oil may even crystallize and become very difficult to take out. Worry not if you have frozen the product by chance. You can let it rest at room temperature or dip it in warm water to turn back to normal.

How long is it appropriate to use once opened?

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A premium quality product will at least have a year’s shelf life before it starts to go bad. Besides, it also depends on the other ingredients, the extraction process, and also the packaging. 

Storage Tips

  • For oils and tinctures, you should keep them away from car windows or window sills. Also, make sure not to touch any unsterilized surface with the dropper as it might transfer bacteria and degrade the product.
  • You should store edibles and gummies in tight and dry containers. Also, you can refrigerate them if the weather is too hot. 
  • You can keep the containers in a cool and dark place for topicals and take the desired amount with an applicator.
  • CBD capsules can be stored in a container in a cool and dry place.

Therefore, you need to follow the methods correctly to increase the longevity of CBD oil. Moreover, another critical aspect is to keep it out of your children or pets. Ingesting the oil in the wrong doses may result in serious side effects and implications.

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