Causes of headaches during fasting and its treatment

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Allah Almighty has made fasting obligatory on all Muslims. At present, fasting usually lasts for about fourteen to fifteen hours and the weather is usually hot. In this case, most people complain of headaches due to fasting for a whole day. And for some people, this pain increases to such an extent that it causes vomiting and also leads to the fear of losing the fast.

Symptoms of fasting headaches

The headache caused by fasting is towards the front of the forehead. It is not as threatening as the usual pain, but it is very severe in the head of migraine sufferers. People who suffer from recurrent headaches in normal life are more likely to get headaches due to fasting.

Causes of headaches while fasting

Usually when a person does not eat for a long time, it causes his blood sugar level to fall below the normal level, which can lead to headaches – but according to experts, it There can be no definitive reason because most of the time even when the blood sugar level is at normal level, there can be a headache.

Due to tea etc.

Most of the people who are addicted to tea or other types of drugs like smoking etc. but due to fasting they cannot take tea etc. for a long time due to which their body is deficient in caffeine. This deficiency can also cause headaches.

Due to lack of water

No tea before ramadan
Not drinking water for 14-15 hours can cause dehydration in the human body as dehydration can increase the intake of nitrogenous substances which can lead to headaches.

But so far, experts have not been able to say anything definitive about the causes of headaches due to fasting and are only offering hypotheses based on assumptions.

Treatment of headaches due to fasting

To avoid this headache, it is better to get rid of tea and other intoxicants before Ramadaan. Also, take adequate amount of water after Sahar and Iftar to take care of your diet. Keep it and keep it balanced. However, if the headache does not go away, you must consult a doctor.

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