Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal is a procedure that eliminates excess fat tissue from the inside of the cheeks, leaving them feeling smoother and more youthful. It is also a fairly subtle change that is more effective when done with other procedures to correct sagging jowls and neck skin. This procedure is ideal for patients in good shape but bothered by the excess fat in their cheeks that keep them from looking younger or their best.

Many patients will combine this procedure with liposuction of the neck area to create a more dramatic difference in their appearance. Let us dive into some of the outstanding benefits of this procedure.

A Safe and Effective Procedure

A Buccal fat elimination is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour and can be done in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift. How safe is this procedure? Buccal fat elimination is one of the safest, most minor invasive procedures available. There is little chance of any complications, and one can go back to their routine right away.

Another question you can ask is; is this procedure effective? Buccal fat elimination is one of the most effective ways to enhance your appearance. This procedure can eliminate the problem area that tends to stick out on each side of your face, giving you a smoother appearance throughout your cheek region.

Enhances Contours of the Lower and Upper Cheek Areas

The procedure effectively removes the bulk of the fat from both the lower and upper areas of your cheeks, allowing you to get rid of bulges and wrinkles. The results will make you look younger while improving your neck skin contours to give a smoother look.

Decreases Appearance of Facial Skin Lines

The procedure improves facial skin contours by removing excess fat tissue that can cause premature facial lines, including nasolabial folds. These lines can appear in people who have heavy jowls or sagging neck skin. If these areas concern you, this is an effective way to deal with these common problems. Concerning facial appearance, buccal fat elimination:

Leads to More Youthful Appearance

The fat removal procedure removes excess fat from the cheeks, giving you a smoother look that is more youthful than a person with heavy jowls. This procedure can be combined with other skin care treatments such as injectables and chemical peels to deliver even more results for people looking for a more dramatic change in their appearance.

Is effective at Improving Neck Aspect

The fat removal procedure will also improve the appearance of your neck skin by removing extra fat that affects its texture and elasticity.

Permanent Result in a Single 1-Hour Office Visit

Most plastic surgery procedures require significant setup time before they can begin, but buccal removal only requires a single one-hour office visit. It can be done with a facelift or a neck lift if you want to go that route. The results are long-lasting because the fat is removed from the inside of the cheeks, which means it cannot easily be replaced.

Typically, Only Requires Local Anesthesia

It is also performed using local anesthesia, so you won’t need to be awake during the procedure, although you will feel some discomfort afterward.

Complications are Rare

The typical complication of this procedure includes a mild amount of bruising or swelling around the area of the incisions, which typically resolves within a week or two. However, there is some risk to surgery performed in the regions that are non-peripheral when blood vessels are close to the surface. These risks include damage to the blood vessels and nerves on the surface of your face.

It does not leave visible scars

The incisions made during this procedure do not leave visible scarring and can be easily hidden with makeup if you want to proceed with a more dramatic facelift or neck lift later.

Great for Neck Lift and Facelift Combos

This medical procedure is often performed in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift to help create more dramatic results in your appearance by eliminating fat bulges and sagging skin. Many patients combine this procedure with other procedures, such as liposuction of the neck area, to get better overall results when they proceed with their comprehensive facial rejuvenation program. If you want to mix things up and create more dramatic effects, use this procedure as part of your overall skin rejuvenation program.

Quick Recovery

The recovery time for this procedure is typically rapid and painless since the incisions are small and inside your mouth. Most patients can return to their routine within a few days after this procedure. After the anesthesia wears off, you will immediately be able to go about your activities directly.

The most noticeable difference is usually visible about three days after treatment and lasts for one week or longer, depending on how much fat was removed from the region.

A Cost-Effective Procedure

This plastic surgery procedure is cost-effective. Is it affordable? Buccal removal is a reasonable procedure that is covered by most insurance. As with all cosmetic surgery, you can consult with your doctor about the costs involved in this procedure. You also need to find out if your insurance covers it.


When considering a procedure like buccal fat elimination, always understand that the results will be very subtle. The small amount of fat removed from inside each cheek will have minimal effect on your appearance. However, it can help make you look more youthful and can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures if you want more dramatic changes in your appearance.

Doing this will give you an affordable opportunity to improve your facial contours and enhance the skin texture in your neck area. There are also many benefits to this procedure, even if you decide not to proceed with it, including a decrease in the appearance of jowls and sagging neck skin that may be hereditary or irreversible.

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