Acne problems and their avoidance in the winter

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Acne problems and their avoidance in the winter
Karachi: Acne complains most often in the winter, most of the creams in the market do not give the desired results, some medicines increase the acne rather than reduce it.

According to details, eating too many dry fruits and poultry due to acne problems in the winter, excessive consumption of coffee also increases acne problems.
Dr Fazila Abbasi, in the ARY News program ‘Bakhabar Sawera’, said that some people are allergic to eating peanuts, due to food control, acne problems also increase because your body does not like certain things and You are using them regularly.
She said, “We should do a food control test once in our life and see what our bodies like and what they don’t like, then use the diet”.
In response to the question of coffee consumption, Dr Fazila said that caffeine is not bad. If you eat ten to ten times, then these problems come up.
He said that excessive use of caffeine is dangerous for women’s hormones because as the age of hormones decreases, caffeine abuse is equivalent to hormone colour.
According to Dr Fazila, pills and capsules are given to fix acne, which can be used to control problems, but it is not known how to control it while performing the PRP test.

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