Best Hair Straightener You can Buy in Small Budget

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The hair straightener is the indispensable ally of a mastered hairstyle! Thanks to the heat that its plates produce, it is possible to make the hair lose their curls or their frizz, or on the contrary, to give them a little more movement! But there are so many different models on the market that it is often difficult to know which one to favor! Here is our selection to help you find the best straightener especially for those people who have a small budget! Here the thing that you always need to remember that you need o sees the buyers trend of the market first, and then need to go towards buying products online, especially when it comes to health & beauty relevant products. Let’s check below a couple of hair straightener you can buy in cheap budget. No doubt, these hair straighteners enhances your hair beauty.

Calor Optiliss Elite SF3122C0

The Calor SF3122C0 plays the card of exclusivity with its coating associating for the first time keratin and tourmaline, to guarantee a maximum of shine. The combination of protein and mineral stone helps to protect the hair, make it more flexible, eliminate static electricity, and especially make it shine health. Moreover, thanks to its system of floating plates which allows a constant pressure, the smoothing is impeccable whatever the thickness of the hair. Easy to use, it offers 5 temperature settings (from 130 ° to 230 °) and is ready to use in one minute. Thanks to its rounded body, it can finally very well lend itself to the establishment of a ripple of movement in the hairstyle.

Our opinion: At this price, the Calor SF3122C0 is definitely the straightener that could be described as a bargain. Without getting lost in the uncontrolled superfluous options, it offers an effective and fast smoothing, which holds easily all day, while ensuring the protection of the hair, whatever its type besides. While it is true that the combination of keratin and ionic functions will not have the same restorative effect as on some other devices, it is accepted here to ignore this detail since this straightener knows perfectly combine performance and simplicity.

Philips HP8319 / 00

The Philips HP8319 / 00 bet on long plates, to allow easy and fast smoothing and with its ceramic coating, the feeling of sliding is also present, and smooths the hair nicely. If it only has a heating temperature, at 210 °, it is however quickly obtained, in only one minute. And it is on the details that great attention has been paid, since to make it safer, locking the plates in closed position has been added (ideal when you have to store the camera), and to make it more manageable , its cord pivots on itself (practical for use in small bathrooms, for example).

Our opinion: Basic does not necessarily mean unpleasant. While it is true that Philips HP8319 / 00 is not lost in the options (we especially regret the only temperature, which is also quite high and may not be suitable for all hair, especially the finest), we cannot blame him for not doing the job. It heats quickly, smoothes properly, and is simple to use. It does not protect the hair, does not make it softer, but at the price, it is displayed, it is not what it is asked to do. This is the basic hair straightener, ideal for use without futility.

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