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I’ve just been creating a list of hacks that actually work and that I actually use on everyday basis and things that I find online pictures on Instagram die trial and I find that they actually work because there are so many hacks on the  internet and a lot of them are tried do not work for me for some reason or another, but these hacks I got you, girl, they good to be doing some crazy stuff like cut crease in with a spoon contour with a fork make my lips look plump and some more, so the hacks that I’ve found that works so let’s go ahead and we’re ready to hop into the

Baking with A Pressed Powder

So if you run out of your chances of powder if you don’t want to spend the money on it if you’re travelling you can actually use a pressed powder which is crazy but it actually works so what you want to do is scratch off some of the tops or you have a loose powder you can use it to bake and I actually find that works just as well so you’re definitely saying that a lot of money because so many chances and powders are like fifty dollars and who wants to spend that right so this is an awesome hack if you just mean you’re Chris party.

Perfect Wings with Concealer

This hack is on how to get those perfect wings now it’s a really good one so all you want to do is run some concealer under your wings and it is going to change your life I can’t even live without this hack anymore because it just makes such a difference in how clean your wings look and if you do make any mistakes can clean them up. It’s just going to make your wings look sharp and smashed which is definitely what we want.

Instant Glow

if you don’t have enough time to self-tan you can use something like this that’s an instant bronzer this is the Brawn shimmer by loving tan and you immediately see a difference is just washing off so it’s not permanent and look at that you can see a big difference with midterms.

Turn Pencil into Gel

If you want to make your Kohl pencil a little more black and a  little bit more long-wearing you can just use some sense prey sprayed a few times and then immediately it turns into a gel liner which is really cool.

Cover Acne with a Mole

If you have a pimple that’s bothering you can take a little bit and brown or black gel liner.

Cover Acne with a Mole

This is for bigger eyes if you want Bigger eyes definitely use a white or nude-coloured pencil in the waterline this is really gonna help open your eyes up if you use black it’s actually going to close them in and almost make them look a little bit smaller but on the contrary if you use Nudes shade it’s gonna open them up and you will get bigger eyes that you want.

Perfect Lips

This is for those who want to get those perfect lips like to see on Instagram and all over the internet so with if you’re applying a liquid lipstick it sometimes can be hard but if you take some concealer and go around the edges you can kind of reshape your lips, you know make them look exactly how you want and sharpen up those lines so they look perfect party so those are the acts by pulled together for you guys.

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