Top 10 Highest Earning Persons on YouTube in 2020

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Leading American magazine Forbes has released a list of people who have made a record one year on YouTube, the world’s largest video website. Like last year, 9-year-old Ryan Kaji topped the list of highest-earning people on YouTube this year. He was the highest-earning person on YouTube in 2019 and earned 26 million US dollars (more than 4 billion Pakistani rupees).

Ryan Kaji, 9, not only comments on toys and games on YouTube but also uploads other popular videos. Ryan Kaji runs a YouTube channel called Ryan’s World, an inspiring children’s channel featuring scientific experiments, music videos, some skills, challenges, as well as DIY Arts & Crafts.

Ryan Kaji

Ryan, who lives in Texas, USA, not only earned 29.5 million (over 4.72 billion Pakistani rupees) from his YouTube channel but also bought Ryan’s World of Branded Toys and Clothing, including Marks & Spencer. Including earn 200 million dollars (32 billion Pakistani rupees).

He also recently signed a contract for his TV series on Nickelodeon. Ryan Kaji’s most popular video is the Hughes Eggs Surprise Twice Challenge which has been viewed more than 2 billion times and is one of the 60 most viewed videos on YouTube.

According to The Guardian, due to being an influencer, several companies have approached Ryan to open and introduce their new toys to the market. With its growing popularity, Ryan has become a brand in itself.

Jimmy Donald Sun

According to the Forbes list, the second highest-earning person on YouTube in 2020 is Jimmy Donald Sun, better known as Mr. Best. He earned 24 million rupees (over 3.84 billion Pakistani rupees) in 2020 and is a newcomer to the list.

Dude Perfect

In third place is the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, which earned 23 million (more than 3.68 billion Pakistani rupees) this year.

Rate & Link

In fourth place is Rate & Link, which earned 20 million (PKR 3.2 billion) and Mark Peller earned 19.5 million (PKR 3.1 billion).

Preston Arsment

At number six on the list is Preston Arsment, which earned 19 million (over 3 billion Pakistani rupees).


Seventh is Anastasia, a 6-year-old Russian YouTuber known as Nastya, who earned 18.5 million (over 2.96 billion Pakistani rupees).

Steven John

At number eight on the list is Steven John, who earned 17 million rupees (over 2.72 billion Pakistani rupees).

David Dobrick

Ninth is David Dobrick, who earned 15.5 million (over 2.48 billion Pakistani rupees).

Jeffrey Starr

The tenth is Jeffrey Starr, who earned US 15 million (more than 2.4 billion Pakistani rupees) this year.

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