15 Best and Famous Magazines In Pakistan

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15 Best and Famous Magazines In Pakistan

Pakistan has a prospering showbiz and Famous Magazines industry. A ton of colossal ability is available in our industry. Best entertainers, models, chefs and makers join their mastery and make magnum opuses. Everything these works of art require to be secured and appeared to the general population.

These show-stoppers as well as crafted by the fashioners, make up craftsmen, and the gems originators are likewise canvassed in magazines. Pakistan is a nation that has a broad scope of big-name and design magazines. In this article, I will feature the leading magazines in Pakistan. 

Coming up next is a list of best magazines in Pakistan. 

Fashion Central: 

FashionCentral is an online fashion Magazine of Pakistan based in Lahore, which gives inclusion to the occasions in Pakistani Fashion Industry. It was named Fashion Central with a plan to provide a focal gateway for pretty much all style-related issues. This magazine won the PASHA ICT Award in 2010. FashionCentral was established in 2007 and the site went live in November 2007.

At first, it was dispatched as an online e-commerce website. After around a half year, the area was completely redone and was reevaluated as an online fashion and way of life magazine. In mid-2011 the site included internet business as one of its administrations. The items incorporate apparel, perfumes, way of life things and other design and pattern of life-related embellishments. The conveyance choices are accessible for nations over the globe with various instalment choices.

The items on sale at FashionCentral are legitimately sourced from the known designers. Its principle classifications are Pakistani style designers, models, stylists, photographers, fashion events, trends and way of life. It has sub-classes including health, beauty, parenting, fashion accessories, food and home stylistic layout. 


The Herald was a month to month magazine of legislative issues and current undertakings distributed by the Dawn Media Group from 1970 to 2019 in Karachi, Pakistan. The Herald has been liable for creating numerous tremendous and breaking stories since it began. It was renamed from the Illustrated Weekly of Pakistan in 1970, which was distributed from 1948–1969.

It was Pakistan’s most generally read month to month magazine, giving inside and out examinations, insightful revealing and broad inclusion of current undertakings. The magazine appreciated a complete course abroad, especially among scholastics and Pakistani ostracized networks in the Middle East, United Kingdom and North America. It halted distribution after its last issue in July 2019. 

Mobile World :

Portable World is a monthly publication that is distributed from Karachi and is conveyed across Pakistan and universally. It is primarily focused on the car, motorcycle, truck, bus, tractor and associated areas yet additionally covers a scope of worldwide subjects around Road transport, Tyre, International Events, Fair, Exhibition, New Products, Auto parts, Government policy and Scandal, Special Report Interviews and Road Safety.

With the reappearance of the transport industry in Pakistan during the last part of the 1990s, it had gotten essential to achieve a distribution which would consolidate the continuous turns of events and emerging issues in the industry. In this circumstance, the magazine got more extensive acknowledgement directly from its dispatch in August 1999. The magazine expects to give forward-thinking data on current global occasions identified with the automobile, motorcycle, Tyre, International Events, Fair and Exhibition and other automotive-related industries.

It likewise follows news and perspectives from its readership. The readership incorporates purchasers, vendors, vendors and makers just as essential clients of public and private transport. It provides details regarding the inventive improvements in the innovation and interprets them into their expected effect on the chiefs, financial specialists and conclusion pioneers. 

Newsline :

Newsline was a Pakistani monthly English current issue and political magazine owned by Hum Network. It was distributed from 1989 to 2019 in Karachi, Pakistan. Razia Bhatti established it. Newsline began in July 1989. Razia Bhatti (1944 – 1996), a Pakistani columnist and previous supervisor of the Herald, was the organizer editorial manager of the magazine. In 2014, the Hum Network acquired the magazine. In December 2019, it distributed its last issue and halted distribution referring to “monetary requirements” by the Hum Network. 

Pakistan and Gulf Economist :

Pakistan and Gulf Economist is a week after week business magazine distributed from Karachi, covering the business and economy of Pakistan and the neighbouring Gulf region. It was set up in 1977 and has been generally distributed from that point forward. It is viewed as one of the leading business magazines of Pakistan for more than 35 years. 

Pakistan Textile Journal 

Pakistan Textile Journal is an English-language magazine. It is the primary month to month magazine for the material business of Pakistan. Pakistan Textile Journal was established in 1950. The distributing body is the National Technical Press, and it is distributed on a month to month basis. The magazine depends on good encounters and most recent specialized advancements in the fields of fibres both characteristic and synthetic, spinning, weaving, knitting, non-woven, embroidery, dyeing/finishing, the printing of fabrics, garments and knitwear. 


Akhbar-e-Jehan is a weekly Urdu language news and diversion magazine distributed in Karachi, Pakistan. It is claimed by Jang Group of Newspapers. The magazine was set up in 1967. Week by week is likewise conveyed in the United Arab Emirates.


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Family Magazine 

Family Magazine is a weekly women’s magazine published from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It gives news concerning women health, beauty, fashion and jewellery. It is essential for the Nawa e Waqt newspaper gathering of Pakistan. 

Nida-I-Millat :

Nida-I-Millat (also known as Nida-e-Millat) is a week by week international Urdu language news magazine distributed by the famous Nawa-I-Waqt group of Pakistan published from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It contains reports, investigation and meetings of the acceptable norm. It covers nearby and worldwide legislative issues, social issues, monetary issues and debates. Its Editor Name is Muhammad Anis Ur Rehman, Younger Editor throughout the entire existence of gathering, Known as the master of foreign relations mainly Middle East undertakings. He writes in Urdu, Arabic and English. 

Nigar (magazine): 

Nigar is a Pakistan-based entertainment magazine distributed week by week from its administrative centre in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Nigar was the brainchild of Ilyas Rashidi, otherwise called the Pioneer of Film Journalism in Pakistan. Ilyas Rashidi obtained involvement with amusement news-casting through his relationship with Umer Azad (his more established sibling) and his day by day newspaper Anjum, which had moved its workplaces from Delhi to Karachi in 1947.

Ilyas had been propelled by Filmfare magazine and subsequently bought a kids’ magazine Monthly Nigar from his companion Ibne Hassan Nigar, and re-marked it like a week after week film magazine. In 1957, the Nigar Awards were established, as an augmentation of Nigar (magazine). The magazine has news and highlight articles relating to Pakistani cinema, and as of late it has added Pakistani dramas as well. The magazine incorporates broad photography of entertainers and entertainers. 

Dosheeza Digest :

Dosheeza is an Urdu language Pakistani family, and an anecdotal summary/magazine distributed from Karachi, Sindh. The magazine was the first broadcast in 1982. It is a month to month digest dependent on fiction and ladies’ magazine in the Urdu language. It has its base camp in Karachi. 

Suspense Digest :

Anticipation Digest is the biggest circled monthly Urdu language suspense magazine in Pakistan. Jasoosi Publications distribute the around 320-page magazine. The primary issue was dispatched in January 1972. The distribution has been an individual from the All Pakistan Newspapers Society since 24 August 1986. The Jasoosi digest distributions delivered different condensation like Pakeeza, Sergazist and Dilkash. These family Urdu magazines are celebrated in Pakistan.

The Jasoosi and Suspense digest is story-based and Pakeeza, Sergazist and Dilkash are family diversion magazines. The organization is growing its business to other Urdu spoken districts. Magazines are month to month and delivered by the Jasoosi digest distributions on specific dates of a month. Famous story journalists of the subcontinent are related to these magazines. The magazine distributed the Devta serial novel from 1977 to 2010. 

Taleem-o-Tarbiat :

Taleem-o-Tarbiat (in English: Education and Training) is a kids’ Urdu-language magazine distributed by Zaheer Salam of Ferozsons in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Taleem-o-Tarbiat was built up in April 1941. The publisher, Ferozsons, claims it is “Pakistan’s most seasoned” kids’ magazine. A 1961 version of The Pakistan Review said: “Among Urdu journalists, Saeed Lakht, Editor of Taleem-o-Tarbiat, is the most well known with the children.

Ayasha Syeed, composing in Living Our Religions, said “I have affectionate recollections of Taleem-o-Tarbiat, my preferred youth Urdu language magazine, that we got on a membership premise. This periodical was loaded with stories and accounts that conveyed Sufi insight, adjusted for children.”

Normal subjects in the magazine include praises, Na’at, Islamic instruction, verse, jokes, painting exhibition, brilliant words, and Pakistan’s set of experiences, the play of 10mins, riddles. The well-known books distributed in TOT incorporate Angothi Kahan gay, Dhoop Chaon, Gharhay me Lash, Robinson Crusoe, ghaibi insaan ( The Hollow Man) and ak mandi as ullu ( A Toad for Tuesday ) and so on. 

Hamdard Naunehal :

Hamdard Naunehal is a kid Urdu language month to month magazine. first distributed by Hakim Said of Hamdard Laboratories in 1953. This magazine is exceptionally well known among kids because of its accentuation on legitimate Urdu through the segment, titbits, moral and secret stories, kid’s shows and instructive pieces.

The current proofreader for the magazine is Masood Ahmad Barkati while the supporter is Sadia Rashid (little girl of late Hakim Saeed Shaheed, a giver and author of Hamdard Industries). The current group took over after Hakim Saeed was killed in 1998 in Karachi, Pakistan and the magazine keeps his memory alive by distributing articles from his times. The design hasn’t changed much since the time it originally came out except the consideration of a segment entitled which targets showing fundamental level cooking.

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