16 Best and Famous Food Bloggers in Pakistan

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Food blogs are among the more popular sites where foodies can learn, connect with like-minded people, and discover all things food-related. We have selected the top  Pakistani food bloggers from Pakistan that you should definitely check out for yourself.

Food blogs have their own charm and the future of food blogging is very bright in our country since many hotels and restaurants are investing big bucks to make people notice their culinary delights. The situation has also become more intense with Pakistani people exploring cuisines from different parts of the world such as Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, and Mexican, among many, loved foreign cuisines.

Food bloggers who have already established themselves in this niche are inspiring. If you have a passion for food and love to do experiments with your cooking methods, why not make the attempt to let the world know.

List of a few of the famous food bloggers around the country are as follows:  

Spice Spoon:

Shayma Saadat is the founder and author of the award-winning food blog, The Spice Spoon, which was ranked among the 50 Best Food Sites Globally by The Independent in 2011. Spice Spoon is the brainchild of Shayma. The blog features a multitude of Pakistani, Irani, and Afghani dishes.

She comes in at number one in our list of top 5 Pakistani food bloggers because she shares her family’s food traditions with the world and has helped the international audience become more aware of the culinary practices of her multi-ethnic heritage. Her food adventures trace their path along what she calls the ‘Silk Route’ (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran).

Rana Hamza Saif – RHS:

One blogger who takes food very seriously (almost personally) is Rana Hamza Saif aka RHS. He is a food blogger from Pakistan, and it seems like he will leave no stone unturned in finding the most delicious eateries and adding them to his vlogs. Just scroll casually on his YouTube channel, and you will know what we mean. The Pakistani food scene is what RHS is here to show the world, and that’s why he is on our special list this Ramadan. As RHS continues on his food tours around the country and the world, we want you to join in and get some new recipe tips along the way!

Sumayya Usmani:

Sumayya Usmani was born and raised in Karachi. Her passion for Pakistani cuisine and the country’s rich heritage drove her to start a blog dedicated to desi food. She explores the distinct flavours and various traditions that have influenced the food scene in Pakistan. Sumayya started out by writing recipes on her food blog as a hobby. She worked as a solicitor in London but then after a while, shifted her focus to food blogging full-time.

Chaaye Biscuit:

The best meal of our childhood evenings- chaayee biscuit! Kudos to Fatima Khan for using a cool name for her Instagram account with a total desi vibe! Chaaye Biscuit is a food blog, and as her hashtag says, it is #allaboutfood. Fatima is a doctor in the making, so she also tries healthy food recipes inspired by famous eateries. Moreover, she also contributes to another account called Chowkey.pk, which aims to eliminate your ‘Aaj kya khaen’ problem!

Chefling Tales:

Madiha, a Pakistani food enthusiast, started Chefling Tales with the support of her husband, Shahab. Cooking has always been her passion. She soon transformed her passion into a full-time career. Her digital platform has grown into a community of bloggers and food enthusiasts. Now, Chefling Tales has transformed into an online platform that helps its audience on their culinary journey. If you’re looking for recipes, a guide to eateries or are in search of a food lover’s paradise, Chefling Tales has got you covered.


For a Pakistani food lover, Instagram is ‘foodstagram.’ All the mouth-watering dishes and recipe ideas are presented in a visually pleasing setting on Instagram, which is why food bloggers adopt it as their primary platform to post content. Beware- don’t scroll FoodstagramPK while you are observing fast, because ‘bohat mushkil hojayegi.’ It will be difficult not to drool over the beautiful photos on this blogger’s feed when you have decided not to eat or drink all day!Ali Motiwala is the brain behind Foodstagrampk. He is a restaurant reviewer, which means he takes good food seriously

Flour & Spice:

Flour & Spice is a food-centric blog run by Sarah. Sarah is a Pakistani born Canadian mother who is passionate about baking and enjoys cooking as well. She worked as a financial advisor and an economic analyst. After the birth of her two daughters, she delved into her passion for cooking and never looked back. Check out her website for decadent chocolate cakes, creamy cheesecakes, and other mouth-watering goodies.

Girl Gotta Eat:

In this myriad of food bloggers who are promoting Pakistani cuisine all over the world, there are also loads of food enthusiasts helping to promote the food scene within the country. This way, we can discover the amazing eateries that surround us too. We’ve included one such food influence in our list of the top 5 Pakistani food bloggers. Girl Gotta Eat is a Karachi based blogger. She shares her city food quests on her website and Instagram.

Life of a foodie:

As one of the people who live to eat, Zara Ali has done us all a favor by blogging her journey. She is a Pakistani food blogger and a pretty good one at that. Her followers are always speechless at the photos she posts, because of those ‘zaalim’ delicacies!Zara’s Instagram profile is a food pics-only zone, and we want you to be a part of her journeyWe only have reservations over her claim that she loves daal chawal more than Biryani…

SWOT’s Guide:

What started as a platform to help other foodies out on Facebook has now become one of the biggest food groups in the country! The SWOT’s guide started as one group on Facebook, but now they have multiple branches for different cities. For example, the SWOT’s guide for Karachi has more than 33k members who love to keep other members posted about the latest entries in town, and they are also the first to update you with honest reviews on ongoing food festivals.SWOT also has a team of bloggers who are invited by restaurants for food tasting. Moreover, it is a great platform to talk about Ramadan deals, what is a hit and what’s miss, and the quality of food in buffet menus. Time to join the group!

Curly’s Day Out:

Curly’s Day out is run by an enthusiastic curly-haired diva from Karachi who is also a moderator for the SWOT accounts. She goes all around town and blogs about the best food items to try. Ramadan’s arrival means that this food blogger will be busy cooking up content to inform her followers about special Ramadan entrees at Karachi restaurants and we also predict possible PR mail coming her way for the review! Stay tuned to find out.

Muneeze Khalid:

What started as a baking obsession has rooted out into a welcoming business for Muneeze! You can never have enough cake in life, so make sure you like Muneeze’s Kitchen on Facebook. She is a self-taught baker of ‘gravity-defying’ cakes what an MVP! The best thing is that Muneeze uses Facebook to connect with her followers and give them baking tips every other while. She also takes baking classes for her famous cakes and promotes the sessions through her Facebook page. We know you need a good cake recipe, you’re welcome.

Food Ninja PK:

This food blog is out here to give all others some tough competition. Food Ninja PK’s Instagram game is A1 since day one, and they are on a mission to review every eatery in the twin cities of ISB and RWP. The residents of twin cities may know these eateries, but visitors would love to know more about exciting restaurants when visiting Isb/rwp. Many tourists also start their journey to Northern Areas from Islamabad, which is why this blog is a great resource.

Sadiya Saeed:

This is a special entry because we at Creator’S Bradri know the effort it takes to grow and populate your blog with original content. Sadiya is a famous food blogger from Faisalabad, and she covers all things food on her Instagram account. She also covers food festivals and updates her followers about the best new dishes at Lahore and Faisalabad restaurants.


Mehrunnisa Yusuf’s Instagram takes lead from her food blog Come, Con Ella. Mehrunnisa’s blog is not only famous for her adorably chic design, but her artisan-style recipes make great comfort food staples for both global and traditional kitchens. She also has an uncanny ability to paint us the history, heritage and “feeling” behind each dish with words. She has a photographic memory as she loves to describe herself as a visual note-taker.


This blog is run by famous food blogger Asna, a Pakistani-American who recreates recipes inspired by local and international cuisine. She has an optimistic attitude towards life and her bio shows that she loves to take life the way it is. She loves life with all its blessings and shortcomings. Aspiring food bloggers can learn the ins and outs of food presentation from Asna.

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