15 Best and Famous Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

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Famous Female Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Pakistan is enormously capable of extraordinarily dedicated and fruitful Female Entrepreneurs working both at home and outside the nation, making Pakistan pleased. They are entirely using their potential using their capacities in given chances. Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is a large portion of them needed to experience a ton of obstacles, difficulties, and troubles to get the name they have now. We research their excursions to progress and acknowledgement in this article and make an honest effort to honour their difficult work! 

We take a look at such famous Pakistani female entrepreneurs in this article. 

 Fiza Farhan – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

The 28-year old business visionary is a fellow benefactor of the Buksh Foundation. Since 2009, Buksh Foundation has been working in Pakistan. Buksh establishment is a microfinance organization that takes clean energy activities to Pakistan’s oppressed and rustic territories. The organization has carried sun oriented controlled lights to around 6750 families the whole way across Pakistan. It has likewise prepared 135 ladies as energy entrepreneurs. The recognized business magazine Forbes has remembered her name for its rundown of 30 under 30 social business people for the year 2015. 

Salma Jafri – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Salma Jafri is the host of Content Marketing Tips, a week after week video blog, and a blog on how ladies business visionaries can showcase their crowd by utilizing their standard qualities. The primary focal point of the association is substance and blog composing. She additionally has a YouTube Channel with over 34K supporters, where she likewise handles content composition and writing for a blog. She gives tips on the best way to extend your blog utilizing online media and video content. 

Jehan Ara – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Associations) is the cerebrum offspring of Jehan Ara. The association works together with other public and global foundations to give its customers the best programming items. Jehan Ara likewise dominates in the field of showcasing, correspondences, and media. She has an encounter of around 30 years. Besides Pakistan, she has also worked in different nations, such as the UAE, Hong Kong, and the Far East. Jehan Ara is an innovative business second to none. She is likewise a fantastic speaker, help, and essayist. 

Saba Gul – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Saba Gul is the organizer and CEO of the Fashion Enterprise BLISS, which is currently called Popinjay. Saba Gul set up BLISS with the mission of creating reasonable pay occupations for helpless Pakistani ladies. Peacock is a purse organization that draws in clients with rich calfskin and hand-weaved silk. She is a graduate of MIT, where she did her Bachelor’s and Masters. Saba worked in Silicon Valley before her startup yet surrendered her life as a specialist to seek social work.

She has worked in Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. Saba is a fellow of The Unreasonable Institute as well as a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper. Her work has been recognized by the US State Department and included in the MIT Technology Review, Vogue Magazine, NBC News, and Fast Company, to give some examples. Saba experienced childhood in Lahore, Pakistan. She is an individual from the leading body of the MIT South Asian Alumni Association and invests her energy with the Association for the Development of Pakistan. 

Nabila Maqsood – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Nabila Maqsood opened her first salon in May 1986 in Karachi, and through “sheer” hard work, she is the tremendous name we as a whole know today. Nabila is considered an essential aspect of the design business of Pakistan. She has been related to the design world for as far back as 20 years or something like that. Anyway, she doesn’t let that impede her business; she has extended her salon all over Pakistan and has as of late opened a men’s salon, “N-Gents,” as well as a Nail Salon. 

 Sheba Najmi – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Sheba Najmi got her BS and MS degree from Stanford University in Symbolic Systems, where she contemplated the collaboration among people and PCs. She began as an anchorperson and journalist for Indus Television. She was the host of Press Review; the show focused on current undertakings and their conversation with a few political figures, ministers, and examiners. She was a lead planner for Yahoo Mail, the organization’s leader administration, with more than 260 million clients.

After almost seven years as a User Experience Lead at Yahoo, Najmi joined the harmony corps of nerds as a Code for America 2012 Fellow. Sheba is likewise the Executive Director of Code for Pakistan, an innovation-driven non-benefit building metro advancement environment to improve personal satisfaction across Pakistan. She is also the originator of Tech for Change, a non-benefit association zeroing in on bringing business visionaries, engineers, and creators together to help and dispense with a large portion of Pakistan’s city issues. 

Salaina Haroon – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Liable for building and overseeing human resources just as developing her advertising business, Salina Haroon is a business visionary who prompts driving partnerships on approaches to bring advancement and imagination into their corporate societies. Salina Haroon is the Editor in the head of CIO Pakistan, and the author and overseer of Communique Collective. CIO is the most prominent business innovation initiative magazine on the planet. Report Collective is an advertising firm that manages small and medium undertakings, both locally and globally. 

Roshaneh Zafar – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Roshaneh Zafar is the Founder and Managing Director of the Kashf Foundation. The organization gives money related guidance and instruction to the ladies working in towns to improve their financial condition. She used to work for the World Bank before she began Kashf Foundation. The establishment works in Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. 

Kalsoom Lakhani – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

An alum from the University of Virginia in Foreign Affairs and Middle East Studies, Kalsoom Lakhani is the Founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate (i2i), which underpins new businesses and the more extensive enterprise environment in creating markets, particularly in Pakistan. She is also the co-maker of The Hero Project, a stage that recounts the narratives, enduring legends, celebrating and featuring their endeavours. Kalsoom has trained change-makers, young business visionaries, and ordinary society pioneers in Cambodia, Ireland, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. She has been a Washington, DC co-envoy for Sandbox, a worldwide organization of trendsetters under 30, and is an individual from the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers.

She was included in Diplomatic Courier’s Top 99 Foreign Policy Leaders under 33 out of 2012 and was named an Ashoka Change-producers/American Express Emerging Innovator for 2013. Kalsoom, who won her Masters’ from The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs in International Affairs/Conflict Resolution, additionally established the mainstream blog, CHUP, or Changing Up Pakistan in January 2008, and has composed for the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, Next-billion, and Pakistan’s Dawn Newspaper.

Kalsoom Lakhani, who was conceived on 24 September 1982, is likewise the overseer of Social Vision, the endeavour altruism arm of ML Resources, LLC, a venture firm in Washington, DC. At Social Vision, she surveys and affirms seed financing for creative associations and activities in their pilot stages. 

Sana and Safinaz – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

These two have assumed control over the marriage couture scene in Pakistan and different pieces of the world. They have extended their business all over and have extended their compass till the centre east. You will have a hard time believing that everything began directly out of a condo house! 

Farida Qureshi – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

One of the most depended upon names in the design business. Farida is one of the principal standard style creators in Pakistan. She is presently a commonly recognized name and probably the best creator for ladies’ conventional apparel. 

Sidra Qasim – Famous Female Entrepreneurs

Exceptionally youthful business visionary Sidra Qasim presented the carefully assembled shoes on the web. She is the prime supporter of shoe company Markhor (in Pakistan) and Atoms (in the US). She was the principal individual from her family to begin a business with her companion Waqas Ali. They intended to make top-notch shoes made out of cowhide from Pakistan and sell them on the web. They applied and won an award from Google in Pakistan to support the business. They dispatched their first shoe organization in Pakistan in 2012. They were the primary organization in Pakistan to raise over $107,000.

They moved to the US in 2015. They needed to progress from a picture they had of the US, in light of films to reality. They perceived that they expected to begin making regular shoes rather than calfskin shoes as it were. Furthermore, soon, they were a much more massive accomplishment than previously. They are presently one of the top shoe brands in the US. 

Seema Taher Khan – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

Mrs. Seema Taher Khan helped establish “Interflow Communications” with her better half Mr. Taher A. Khan. At present, she is heading the Interflow Group’s electronic TV slots, TVONE, News One, and WasebTV as the CEO, and is likewise the Group’s Public Services Division head. 

Momina Duraid – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

It is highly unlikely you haven’t known about her! Momina Duraid is a TV maker, content essayist, lyricist, chief, and a whole lot more. She is likewise the CEO of “Moomal Productions,” one of Hum TV’s creation houses. 

Maria Umar – Famous Female Entrepreneurs 

It was established “Ladies’ Digital League” (WDL), an online gateway that offers computerized assistance types. WDL expects to tap into “a huge lethargic labour force which is either disheartened from working outside or experiences difficulty looking for some employment opportunities.” Maria believes that this will help ladies become more economically empowered.

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