Top 10 Best and Famous Clothing Brands in Pakistan

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For the last many years, Pakistan’s clothing industry has made exceptional betterment in inflating dressing sense in not only women but in men too of Pakistan. Most top rimed cloth designers like Sapphire, Sana Safinaz, Bonanza Satrangi, Junaid Jamshed, and many more have handed out their attempt through their dress brands to enhance vogue sense among women and men of Pakistan.

These are the top brands of clothing among all brands and they played a vital role in the economy of Pakistan and they present the trend of fashion of Pakistan worldwide.

These brands show the true image of Pakistan fashion for ladies and gents in the whole world and most international like to wear them too and appreciate them. Pakistani females and males both are style and fashion admirers and have a nice choice of fashion so; they can rapidly follow the trends of fashion. In these brands, you can get all kinds of stuff to wear for daily wear, pop, casual, and luxury. You can simply find the perfect outfit and fashion accessories for any event or occasion from these top picking brands of Pakistan.

Here are the Top 10 clothing Brands of Pakistan, which you can appraise for shopping:


Sana Safinaz


since 1989, two prominent designers made this brand an elegant point of outfit for women with the trending design along with an ethnic spot on it. Sana Safinaz is prominent for designing eastern wear with a western combination, and it perfectly fine and modern dress for women of Pakistan. For decades, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer changed the trend of fashion design in the country by introducing their brand. The rest, as they say, has truly been history – but an iconic one at that.

Both started their brand as a niche market and now become one of the prominent brands nationwide by creating affordable fashion for women wear. Today, Sana Safinaz have been making their efforts in the line of women fashion who offer elegant ready to wear ensembles and fabrics, which cater to the modern Pakistani woman.

This brand is the name of the fashion icon in Pakistan. High quality of Stuff of dresses designed to the demands of women with fashion. Their looks are always stylish yet simple and always gives a very elegant look. Sana Safinaz collections always give an eastern look which is always in fashion in Pakistan. This spring/summer collection of Sana Safinaz come with colours that are suitable for every season. Colour combinations used in dresses are normal spring colours along with the touch of summer shades.



Limelight was introduced in 2010 and now enlarge to more than 55 stores over nationwide. Limelight is having a lot of heart-stealing design but they are very prominent in ready to wear. They offer women’s formal, casual wear, and accessories. They also have a huge range of kids. Now try to bring unique colour and designs in both East/West.

A unique new name amongst ogre, Limelight proved its skill and today, enjoys being one of Pakistan’s top clothing brands. It all started with women wear, from which the band eventually moved into kids and men wear. Limelight’s clothing line includes both stitched and unstitched fabrics, along with an introduction to accessories.

Today, with more than 55 stores nationwide Limelight gives much variety of products and clotheslines that can touch anyone’s heart as they display their design on traditional clothing and western wear side by side for multiple tastes out there.

Nishat Linen

One of the most top picking brands of the Pakistani textile industry, Nishat is the name of one of the most prominent designer wears. Established in 1951, it is one of the most modern, largest erect added textile companies in Pakistan, and through it, came Nishat Linen, which was started to give to the demand for high-quality fabric, at affordable prices while on the contrary it still maintaining a strong fashion sense.

Nishat linen (clothing brand) is float by the Nishat group of industries and their parent organization is Nishat mills. Nishat is a very famous brand that offers ready to wear, unstitched, bags, accessories, and home range. Nishat every year launches a beautiful range of lawn, linen, and khaddar with very elegant designs and colours. Nishat linen is one of the greatest retailers in Pakistan.

Nishat Linen set up its first outlet in Lahore in 1992, and since its founding, Nishat Linen has gone from strength to strength brag a wholesome range of product lines for the whole family within its brand. Currently, Nishat offers womenswear covering ready to wear for all seasons, and accessories line which has also collaborated with Swarovski, home textiles, kid wear, and menswear.

It has over 70 outlets in Pakistan in 26 cities and an international retail presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the UK.


Started in 1998 by Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Shamon Sultan, Khadi became a top fashion retailer by offering all home and clothing, shoes and accessories, fragrances, skin and hair care solutions for women and children. Khadi is among those few Pakistani clothing brands that are best known for having a strong design and fabric on the international level.

Khadi has reached iconic status in Pakistan with its mixing brand identity and signature-style clothing that is unique, fresh, and extremely trendy. Khadi has vastly expanded its footprint into several places like the Middle East and the United Kingdom, making it one of Pakistan’s leading brands that have also gone international. One of the largest entrepreneurial success stories we have in Pakistan is Khadi, and in the 21 years of its existence, it has around how we look at traditional cloth weaving and how that can be turned into a leading fashion trend.

Its products have been always loved by all ages. With a variety of styles, reasonable prices, and a nice look, Khadi has always loved by people of all ages. The clothes of Khadi are available in multiple sizes and pieces. Moreover, in terms of colours, Khadi is also much featured rich that offers various colours and elegant design to its fans.

It also offered new traditions in fashion with a trending approach inspired by global blend via a modern and fashion-focused context, and today, the brand has made it a global icon with 52 outlet stores in Pakistan and 21 stores in the UK, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Junaid Jamshed


Junaid Jamshed took his first step-in fashion clothing by opening an outlet in 2002, since then he had made speedy progress by offering a variety of fashion clothing for both men & women. The brand started its journey through its first store on Tariq Road, Karachi where it offered only to men wear, and now it holds new stories of success as it was prominent for womenswear, kids wear, accessories, and beauty products, becoming one of Pakistan’s most premier brands. They deal with the outfits of men and women of all ages in different categories and textiles like chiffon, cotton, lawn, cambric, and silk. I also deal with under eastern wear, perfumes, footwear, and some major accessories for women.

Now, Junaid Jamshed has also launched its fragrance and makeup products, which is quite famous among women. While many celebrities now own various brands in the Pakistani market or endorse a plethora of products. Started his brand as named J., the late singer proved that his ideas and unique stuff as number one of Pakistan’s biggest fashion brands.

Junaid Jamshed is the largest brand that expands its store to more than 100 outlet stores nationwide and globally expands to 20 outlets in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar.

Gul Ahmed

gul ahmad

It started its textile manufacturing in 1959 since then it has been the top priority of women and men for buying clothes. From Gul Ahmed you can easily find stitched & unstitched wear and as well as Western Wear. From there onwards, it only saw the upward rise and today enjoys a top position in the world of textiles.

Our summer is imperfect without Gul Ahmed Lawn suits. Gul Ahmed mixing varieties and colours every summer season. Gul Ahmed is a famous Pakistani textile provider in the market. The uncommon about Gul Ahmed that it always comes with a various range of designs and colours. This summer season you will love both simple and chiffon lawn by Gul Ahmed. Gul Ahmed is the oldest and unique women and men fashion brand.

What makes Gul Ahmed iconic is its strong presence in the retail business as well. The opening of its flagship store – Ideas by Gul Ahmed– marked the group’s entry into the retail business. Starting from Karachi, Gul Ahmed now has a numerous chain of more than 40 retail stores across the country, offering a various range of products from home accessories to fashion clothing.


Alkaram is one more well-named clothing brand of Pakistan, and it has been in the name since 1986. Designing top quality eastern women’s clothes are the mark legacy of Alkaram, and it is prominent for its Digital printed lawn. Their dresses are perfect for daily wear. Another textile industry that moved into retail and conquered it, the Al Karam group was founded with a vision to be a provider of innovative textile design worldwide. Their focus on fashion fabrics and apparel for men, women, and kids, along with home textiles made the brand into a huge icon for the market, and today it like one of the top positions in the country. With the moderate gifted and interesting outline, Al Karam’s range is a cut above definitive high street ready to wear. Al Karam brought a new change from the prints and embroidery swallow by other brands and gives a modern look.

This brand is a perfect haven for the pure beauty of women, who can bring their style language to life with fashion fabrics, ready-to-wear lines, and stunning accessories from their outlet stores. Nowadays, Alkaram is easily found in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, Gujrat, Mirpur, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Daska, Muzaffarabad, Mardan, Swat, Narowal, Bahawalpur, and Dubai.

Bonanza Satrangi


Are you staring for something unique from casual wear? Your look is here. With more than 40 years of experience bonanza extended with its other brand Bonanza Satrangi. They offer trending clothes with nice fabric. They are prominent with colours and the combination they provide with embroidery and fancy designs is elegant. With the experience at their scrapping, one of the biggest names that everyone has grown up going to is Bonanza Satrangi. It all started in 1976 when the textile industry had not even grown to its complete potential, that Bonanza initiated ready-made winter wear, particularly knits for men, women, and children. From that, Bonanza became a prominent brand and won respect as the master of detail in ready-made garments manufacturing.

It has more than 80 outlets stores across Pakistan today; Bonanza stands as a vast textile jumbo. However, looking at the market potential amongst clothing brands for women and men, Bonanza furthermore moved into creating its exclusive women’s clothing line Satrangi in 2012 which has now become a one-stop clothing solution for the women of Pakistan.



Generation is another new elegant in the fashion circuit and has quickly gained a crazed fan following among the younger audiences through their rare and socially-aware marketing offensive. They have a typical sense of style that edge heavily on regret with chronic wag to 70s-style fashion, pastel colours, and trendier cuts.



HSY Hassan Shehryar Yasin is not just a clothing brand but also an ART & CRAFT design and that’s why it has tons of stores worldwide, in Saudi Arabia, the USA, UK, UAE, and Pakistan. They put the fashion towards overwhelm era with recyclable garments, there is more than a need for heritage. That is why it is the most prominent fashion clothing brand in South Asian labels and the top fashion designer brand of Pakistan. The reason it is at this number is due to overpriced outfits. It was firstly introduced in 2000 and then worked on bridal wear and formal wear couture house, but the HSY jewellery line is just around the corner and prominent.


Sapphire is a growing fashion brand and was launched in 2014 firstly for women’s but now it is famous for both men and women. For the last few years, we have noticed the prominent mark of this brand among women and girls equally because it’s giving trending designer clothes at affordable prices. Well in a variety of it’s casual, formal, party wear or daily wear, you can find all stuff of dresses at Sapphire. Sapphire became one of the biggest names in the industry within a few months of its new collection with trending design and making the concept of high street fashion into a reality in Pakistan.

This brand introduced by one of the biggest names in the textile industry, it is famous for combining 100% pure fabric with unmatched design artful to create designer wear at an affordable price. Taste up your look with the latest brand-new collection of Sapphire. The fashionable products are going to deliver you a new look like the stylish and on-trend with the signature brand of Sapphire. You can purchase the clothes of Sapphire from its official website and outlet stores.

Their sort of affordable designer clothing has something for everyone – daily wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric, which is accompanied by their graceful designs which have truly made it one of the fine-brands in the country. Sapphire has more than 20 outlet stores overall in Pakistan.

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