Top 9 Best and Famous Businessmen in Pakistan

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A very few people of Pakistan realize that Pakistan has produced men who have earned a phenomenal amount of money and success solely with the help of their business skills. There are many famous businessmen in Pakistan.

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is the owner of a multinational-dollar automobile company and part manufacturing corporation Flex-N-Gate. Shahid khan also owns the team of NFL Jacksonville ‘Jaguars’. He also recently bought Fulham FC, which is a front line English Premier League Team. Shahid Khan is a proud Pakistan and one of the famous & successful businessmen of Pakistan.

His friends and family call him ‘Shad’, He is 63 years old Pakistani. In September 2013, the total worth of Shad was USD$ 3.8 Billion. He is currently ranked 122nd in the Forbes 400 richest Americans, a list led by none other than Bill Gates himself. Khan is the richest and most famous man of Pakistani origin. He was born in Punjab in a middle-class family of Lahore and moved to the United States in 1968 at the age of 16 to study engineering.

He completed his graduation from the University of Illinois. The billionaire, during his time at Illinois, joined Flex-N-Gate, where he fixed automobile parts in cars. Khan eventually designed a revolutionary one-piece truck bumper design that saved weight while adding structural support. In 1980, Shahid Khan bought Flex-N-Gate, the company he joined after he graduated.

By 2011, Flex N Gate had almost 13,000 employees, with around 50 manufacturing plants in the country. The company also recorded a USD$3 Billion in Revenue that year. The Auto part entrepreneur and self-made billionaire bought Jacksonville Jaguars, a National Football League team that has a fan following of millions for a whopping USD$ 770 million.

In July 2013, Khan bought another sports team, this time a Premier League soccer club, FC, for USD$300 million. Khan is married happily with two kids. His company ranked 120 among Forbes’s biggest private, makes everything from the bumpers to pedals to spare tire for all the major car companies. ’60 minutes’ a popular American show, in its visual biography on Khan, depicted the man’s respect for America and his undying love for Pakistan.


Syed Babar Ali

Syed Babar Ali was brought into the world on June 15, 1926. He is an acclaimed Pakistani businessman, donor, and previous guardian and Finance Minister of Pakistan. He is the organizer of Packages Limited, Milkpak Limited.

Presently he is the proprietor of Nestle Pakistan and Lahore University of Management Sciences. Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering is additionally his establishment. Syed Babar Ali was born in the house of a specialist Syed Maratib Ali in Lahore, Pakistan.

His dad claimed shops in the Walled City of Lahore and was a top temporary worker of the British Indian Army, providing them with administrations like coordination and a wide range of things utilized in regiments. The cash was utilized to put resources into land. His mom had a place with the unmistakable landowner group of Lahore. On his maternal side, his grandma was an individual from the Afghan regal family.

He was the sibling of Syed Amjad Ali and Syed Wajid Ali. He got his studies from Aitchison College, Lahore. For additional examinations, he went to the University of Michigan till 1947, when he moved to a recently made province of Pakistan. He finished his graduation from the University of the Punjab, Lahore.

He also quickly learned at Harvard School of Business, which helped him later establishing the business college. Syed Babar Ali got praises and grants from the Government of Sweden, the Government of Netherlands, an Order of the British Empire from Britain (1997), and was granted an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Laws from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani is a most famous Pakistani a very rich person at Rim pa Plaza business magnate, extremely rich person, and creator. He is the organizer and administrator of Ha shoo Group, a combination most popular for Pearl-Continental Hotels and Resorts. Starting in 2020, Hashwani is the seventh-wealthiest Pakistani with expected total assets of US$1.5 billion dollars.

He was born in Karachi, British India, into a Persian Shia family. Hashwanis had moved with the third Ismaili Imam Agha Khan and with Ahmer Zaidi Shayan Siddique Saad Anwar from Persia in the mid-1900s and settled in Lasbela, Balochistan. Hashwani studied at the University of Karachi and, in 1960, established the Hasan Ali Company alongside his sibling Mujtaba Trunkwala.

By the 1970s, it had become Pakistan’s biggest cotton exchange organization. Nonetheless, the organization was nationalized in 1973. In 1978, he propelled the Holiday in Karachi in 1981 and later in Islamabad. Both of the inns were changed over into the Marriott brand in the 1990s.

In 1985, Hashwani made a fruitful offer for the lion’s share of portions of Pakistan Services Limited, which at that point claimed four Inter-Continental Hotels across Pakistan; the lodgings were re-marked as Pearl-Continental Hotels.

Sadruddin Hashwani has become the primary agent to get Pakistan’s top non-military personnel grant: Nishan-e-Imtiaz. Leader of Pakistan Arif Alvi gave the honour upon Hashwani at the Pakistan National Day service on March 23, 2019, at the President’s House in Islamabad.

Mohammad Zahoor

Mohammad Zahoor (brought into the world August 1, 1955, in Pakistan) is a very famous Ukraine-based, British businessman of the Pakistani. He is the organizer and proprietor of the ISTIL Group, the previous distributor of the Kyiv Post, the co-founder of the Ukrainian Music Awards (YUNA), and a philanthropist. Zahoor was born in Karachi, Pakistan.

His dad was in common help. At school, Zahoor was keen on sports (cricket, field hockey, ball, vaulting, tennis, and games). His side interest was gathering stamps and singing. Zahoor kept singing during learning at school and college.

Subsequent to getting a grant in 1974, Zahoor examined metallurgy at Donetsk National Technical University (at that point, Donetsk Polytechnic Institute) in Ukraine. He later acquired his PhD from a similar college in 2007. After procuring his PhD from Donetsk National Technical University, Zahoor moved back to Pakistan to work at Pakistan Steel.

In 1987, he moved to Moscow, where he entered an association with a Thai steelmaker and ran Metalsrussia, a Hong Kong-enrolled exchanging company. In 1996, Zahoor purchased Donetsk Steel Mill. He purchased other steel plants in different nations. In 2013, Zahoor and Kamaliya showed up on Meet the Russians, a British unscripted TV drama created by FOX TV about well off Russians who live in London, England.

Mian Amer Mahmood

Mian Amer Mahmood, HI (brought into the world July 25, 1960) is a well-known Pakistani businessman and legislator who is the author of the Punjab Group of Colleges. He was the Mayor of Lahore somewhere in the range of 2001 and 2009.

In the wake of finishing his Master of Business Administration degree from the Punjab University, he decided to wander into the training segment of Pakistan and propelled the Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) in 1985. Later he built up Punjab Law College in 1987 and Punjab College of Business Administration in 1989.

In 1993, he built up the Punjab Institute of Computer Science, trailed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah University in 1998. In 2002, 2003, and 2010 he propelled the University of Central Punjab, Resource Academia School System, and Allied Schools separately. Mahmood was first chosen as a Lahore City councillor in 1987. He was reappointed in 1991 and won the nearby body’s decisions in Lahore. Later in 2001, he was chosen Mayor of Lahore subsequent to winning the greater part vote. He was reappointed for an ensuing term of four years, which he finished in 2009.

During his mayorship, he consented to arrangements of ‘city sisterhood’ with four urban areas that remember Isfahan for 2004 and Mashhad in 2006, the two urban areas of Iran.

In 2005, Amer Mahmood expressed that he was putting forth attempts to proclaim Glasgow as a twin city of Lahore. Later on, May 6, 2006, the chairman detailed that Glasgow City Council would report Lahore as a sister city soon. Hilal-I-Imtiaz (Crescent of Excellence) Award by the President of Pakistan in 2012 for his open help to Pakistan.

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Ahmad Mukhtar

Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar (brought into the world in 1946 in Lahore) is a famous Pakistani businessman and agent who filled in as the Defense Minister of Pakistan in the PM Yousaf Raza Gillani-drive bureau.

He likewise possesses the Service Group. He is a specialist who began his political profession in 1990 on the PPP stage. His sibling Ahmad Saeed filled in as PIA Managing chief (from April 2001) and PIA administrator (from April 2003, both until April 2005) during the General Pervez Musharraf time.

Presently, Ahmad Mukhtar himself has played the role of administrator PIA from May 2008. He is an industrialist and previous Commerce Minister in the 1993–1996 Benazir Bhutto government.

Najam Sethi

Najam Aziz Sethi is born on May 20, 1948. He is a Pakistani columnist, a very famous businessman, and a previous Marxist who is additionally the originator of The Friday Times and Vanguard Books. Already, as ahead, he filled in as Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, guardian Federal Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan.

Najam Sethi started his sociopolitical trials with the communist development working for the privileges of Balochistan, prompting his capture in 1975 preceding being released in 1978. He subsequently left legislative issues and built up Vanguard Books, a dynamic book distributing company. In 1989, Sethi, alongside his better half, Jugnu Mohsin, propelled a free English week after week, The Friday Times.

In 2002, he established the Daily Times of Pakistan and turned into its editorial manager until leaving in October 2009. He additionally filled in as the Pakistan reporter of The Economist from 1990 to 2008. Sethi won the 1999 International Press Freedom Award of the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists and the 2009 World Association of Newspapers’ Golden Pen of Freedom Award. Sethi is hitched to individual columnist Jugnu Mohsin, the distributor of The Friday Times. The couple has two children: creator and artist Ali Sethi and columnist and on-screen character Mira Sethi.

Aleem Khan

Abdul Aleem Khan is an extremely famous Pakistani businessman and government official who is the Senior Minister of Punjab and Minister of Food. He is an individual from the Provincial Assembly of Punjab since August 2018. Aleem Khan has made an establishment naming “Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation” which is right now working in different areas of Education, Health, and Community Development.

The establishment is at present working in excess of 60 water filtration plants in the immature regions of Lahore. The establishment is running ten free social insurance dispensaries, which offer free clinical types of assistance and prescriptions to the individuals.

Abdul Aleem Khan’s establishment is showing an Orphanage for the young ladies to the name of “Apna Ghar” which is sans giving instruction and boarding offices to the shelter young ladies. Abdul Aleem Khan is the proprietor of Vision Group, which is a mainland advancement organization in Pakistan.


Vision Group ventured out of existence when the ParkView brand was presented in Lahore’s land showcase. Park View is currently a significant part of land engineers on a national level.

The recreation centre view by Vision Group has additionally not just taken its land ventures to urban areas across the country yet has likewise differentiated its organizations. Vision Group has entered the instruction segment with The National School, which expects to prepare the adolescent to exceed expectations, all things considered.


Salman Taseer

Salman Taseer became a famous Pakistani businessman and a liberal flesh presser, who served as the 26th Governor of Punjab from 2008 until his assassination in 2011. He was born on May 31, 1944, in Shimla, British India, to a blended race family being of Kashmiri descent on his father’s facet and of English descent on his mother’s facet.

His father became Muhammad Din Taseer (M. D. Taseer), who hailed from Ajnala close to Amritsar and turned into a professor at Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, Amritsar, having obtained his PhD in the United Kingdom. Taseer installed several chartered accountancy and management consultancy companies early in his profession. In 1995 he set up the First Capital Securities Corporation (FCSC), a complete-service brokerage house with equity participation with the aid of Smith Barney, Inc., USA, and HG Asia Hong Kong. Taseer founded the Worldcall group with a payphone community in 1996.

The group has grown over the years to become a prime non-public-sector Telecom operator with a countrywide and regional footprint. A majority stake in Worldcall changed into acquired in 2008 by means of Omantel, the Sultanate of Oman’s incumbent operator.

Taseer also owned an English information channel in Pakistan, Business Plus, and the primary children’s channel, Wiki Plus, and became the publisher of the English language Daily Times. On four January 2011, one of Taseer’s bodyguards, Malik Mumtaz Qadri, shot him 27 times with an AK-47 attack rifle at Kohsar Market near his home in Sector F6, Islamabad, as he was returning to his car after meeting a friend for lunch.

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