14 Top Best and Famous Beauticians of Pakistan

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Cosmetics is one of the most significant pieces of each lady’s life. Ladies constantly feel fragmented without makeup products. Ladies always give them a staggering look by applying cosmetics on. Cosmetics is the ideal approach to upgrade the excellence of anyone.

Generally, ladies want to use cosmetics at home yet for any wedding and capacities, and ladies consistently visit beauty parlours. There are so many beauty salons that are arranged wherever in the city. Both the neighbourhood beauty parlour and famous beauty parlour are serving in various manners. There is so numerous male, and female beauticians and cosmetics artists are in our nation. Here, you will discover the data of most famous beauticians in Pakistan.

Akif Ilyas: 

Akif Ilyas is viewed as a famous beautician of Pakistan. Akif Ilyas is additionally a famous picture taker, who was nearly doing photography for various celebrated design brands. Akif Ilyas is a youthful cosmetics craftsman who has begun to assemble his profession in this field since the ’90s. Akif Ilyas presently becomes a generally requesting and honourable cosmetics craftsman of Pakistan.

He is Karachi based cosmetics craftsman who consistently done a makeover of models. Akif Ilyas was continually giving a feminine and fascinating look in a second. Akif Ilyas’ words are in any case getting, and the dashes of his brushes propelled. The location and Facebook page of Akif Ilyas is beneath: 

Address: 4-An II/I, Khayaban-e-Bahria, Phase IV, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan, 75500

Kashif Aslam: 

Kashif Aslam is also in the rundown of top Pakistani makeup artists. Kashif Aslam is a beautician who has been running his own Kashee’s magnificence saloon since not many years back. Kashif Aslam is now turning into the top cosmetics craftsman who is situated in Karachi. He has an enchantment in his grasp, to give a change of look to a face. He has likewise presented a new pattern of mehndi in this field.

Kashif Aslam has made himself a best cosmetics craftsman in a brief timeframe period. Kashif Aslam has been awarded as the best cosmetics craftsman of Karachi. You can visit his beauty parlour and visit his site underneath: 

Address: Plot#178/A, Block 2, Najeeb Corner, Tariq Road, PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan, 75100 


Natasha Khalid: 

Natasha Khalid is one of the top recorded beauticians of Pakistan. Natasha Khalid is running her beauty parlour named Natasha Salon in Karachi. Natasha Salon is a beauty parlour, where pretty much every model and entertainer has a cosmetics search for their wedding. Natasha Khalid can give a tan look to any face.

Natasha Khalid is running her magnificence cantina having various administrations in an ideal manner and complete consideration of experts. The location of Natasha cantina and their Facebook page underneath: 

Address: 7-E, eighth Commercial Lane, Zamzama, Karachi, Pakistan

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Natasha-Salon/182139695225631

Saba Ansari:

Saba Ansari is also in the list of top 10 beauticians of Pakistan. Saba Ansari is walking her beauty salon named as Saba the Salon in Karachi. Saba Ansari has the potential to provide a modern and flexible appearance. Saba Ansari has been running her beauty salon due to the fact year 2001 with professionalism. Sabs the Salon is now one in every of the biggest beauty salons in Karachi, who has executed so many makeovers of celebrities also. The deal with and internet site of Sabs the Salon right hereunder:

Address: 4-C, Farooq Heights, 36th Commercial Avenue, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase 5 DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sabs the Saloon Website:  www. Sabssalon.Com

Annie Mansoor:

 Annie Mansoor is one of Pakistan’s famous beauticians, who has been running since very past years in the past. Annie Mansoor is a Lahore based makeup artist who is jogging her splendour saloon named Alle’ Nora Beauty Salon. Annie Mansoor has an experience of over 22 years in this subject. Annie Mansoor is the innovative makeup artist who has magic in his hands indeed. Annie Mansoor is well-known due to the fact she usually supplies a superb and creative makeup appearance.

According to her, the eyes makeup needs to be lovely because it beautifies and outstanding the complete makeup. Let’s test out the deal with and websites of Annie Mansoor below:

Address: Head Office/86-B-II, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan, 54000

Website: http://www.allenorasalons.com/

Ather Shehzad:

Ather Shehzad is also a few of the top 10 beauticians of Pakistan. Ather Shehzad is again a photographer who continually gives his first-class in every discipline. Ather Shehzad has executed so many makeovers of well-known models and also been part of fashion suggests. Ather Shehzad has earned the award at LUX Style Awards as a fine makeup artist. He has techniques to create a stunning and unique look. He has his beauty saloon for people who want to look allure and eccentric. Here beneath the cope with of his saloon and Facebook web page:

Address: 1 C, Block P, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.

Facebook Page: https://www.Fb.Com/AtherShahzad


Nabila is one of Pakistan’s most famous ten beauticians, who has been operating because of very pat years in the past. Nabila is jogging her beauty salon named Nabila N-Pro in Lahore. Nabila is considered to be the stylist, beautician and hairstylist of Lahore. Nabila has carried out so many makeovers of well-known models, actresses, actors, and so many more excellent. She is associated with a fashion enterprise as well as serving her clients out of style enterprise. The address of Nabila saloon and her Facebook web page under:

Address: Suite 10, 10 Q, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan.

Nabila salon Facebook page: https://www.Fb.Com/NabilaExpress

Tariq Amin:

Tariq Amin is one of the most famous and well-known makeup artists and stylists of Pakistan. Tariq Amin has been running her splendour salon for 25 years ago in Islamabad. Tariq Amin beauty salon is the pinnacle indexed makeup artist of Islamabad. Tariq Amin is very famous because of his fantastic and edgy makeover. Tariq Amin is a makeup artist who has accomplished so many makeovers of favourite celebrities. He always indicates his versatility in his work, and this is the motive behind his achievement. The deal with of Tariq Amin salon and Facebook web page underneath:

Address: 122, street eleven, E-7, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Tariq Amin Salon Facebook Page: https://www.Fb.Com/pages/Tariq-Amin-Salon/382114368562409

Mussarat Misbah:

Mussarat Misbah is one of the most famous beauticians who’s indexed in top 10 beauticians in Pakistan. Mussarat Misbah has been working in this discipline as a makeup artist since significantly beyond the years in the past. Mussarat Misbah is a makeup artist and jogging her splendour salon in unique towns of Pakistan. Her beauty salon call is Depilex Beauty Salon. Mussarat Misbah is the pinnacle indexed beautician in Islamabad. She is serving her customers in Islamabad with full professionalism and interest. The cope with and Facebook page of Depilex Beauty Salon right here below:

Address: H#09-B, Street 32, f-eight/1, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Facebook Page: https://www.Fb.Com/Depilex

Sobia Mustafa:

Sobia Mustafa is another beautician who is very famous in Pakistan. Sobia Mustafa is an Islamabad primarily based makeup artist who is serving her customers with the edgy and present-day look. Sobia Mustafa’s splendour salon is Sobia’s. Sobia Mustafa has made such a lot of brides and also finished a makeover of celebrities for photoshoots and their wedding. She is known for her venturing off bridal appearance. The cope with and Website of Sobia’s under:

Address: House 3 1, road #29, F-7/1, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Sobia’s Website: www.Sobias.Com

Wajid Khan:

Wajid is a famous makeup artist of Pakistan. His makeup is always favoured with the aid of the fashions and actors of Pakistan. He is operating on this discipline in the final ten years and got fulfilment in his profession. He is a professional makeup artist additionally picture-shoots for different style magazines. He often works in the TV enterprise and bridal makeups through his-self. If you are trying to find the best makeup artist to get prepared for your special day, you can contact him due to the fact his bridal makeup is favoured continuously.

Phone: (021) 34321888

Mobile: +923332326878

Address: Khayaban-e-Seher, D.H.A Phase 6 Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Sindh 75500 Pakistan.

Annie Mansoor:

Annie is likewise the famous class beautician of Pakistan who has magic in her arms. She is Pakistan’s renowned beautician going for walks at her very own beauty salon by way of the name of Alle Nora Beauty Salon. She has 25 years of experience in this field. Her clients certainly appreciated her paintings. She works with such a lot of models and actresses inclusive of Mishi Khan, Nadia Hussain, Hina Bayat, Fauzia Imam, and lots of others. She gives an Arabic look to bridals that is her unique fashion. Her work is continually in step with the present-day fashioning and style.

Phone: +ninety two-forty two-35763688

Mobile: 0300-8471719, 0323-8418000

Address: 86-A B/2, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg-III, and Lahore.


Madeeha is one of the top-rated and famous beauticians of Lahore Pakistan who runs her splendour salon given that 1995. She specializes in bridal makeup moreover all services of her Salon are terrific. All the ladies of Lahore sincerely recognize her paintings and supply precedence to her with other makeup artists. It gives celebration makeup, hairdo, bridal makeup, mehndi, and plenty of different facial and hair treatments.

Phone: (042) 35353546

Address: 36-A-XX Block، Commercial Phase III D.H.A.، Sector XX DHA Phase three, Lahore, Punjab

Maryam Khawaja:

She is one of Pakistan’s famous makeup artists who belong to Lahore. She has unique magic in her fingers. She started her very own beauty salon in 2008. For some years, she was very well-known. She is supplying high-quality services in her Salon inclusive of bridal makeup, birthday party makeup, hairdo, and lots of other benefits.

Phone: 042 36107740

Mobile: 0321 4809879

Address: sixty-seven B-1, Gulberg – three, off M.M Alam Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

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