8 Best and Famous NGOs in Pakistan:

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NGO stands for Non-governmental organizations. It is a non-profit group that performs functions, social or political goals like humanitarian causes or the environment independently. Dealing with non-profit organizations and NGOs is a lengthy and time-consuming process. These NGOs work with a well-developed process and proper planning to face the challenges of society.  Some NGOs serve needy people in terms of their medical treatments.

Some NGOs provide shelter to the needy people, some provide food to poor people, and Some NGOs are working for the free education of children who can’t afford the expenses of studies. There are many types of NGOs in Pakistan. We will discuss the different classifications of NGOs and the most famous NGOs of Pakistan in this article.

Types of NGOs:

There are different types of NGOs in Pakistan that have different purposes, different working, and methods. Let’s discuss them in this article.

  1. NGOs by Orientation
  2. The Community Based NGO
  3. A City-Wide NGO
  4. A National NGO
  5. An International NGO

Famous NGOs of Pakistan:

Edhi Foundation:

Edhi foundation is a very famous non-profit social welfare organization in Pakistan. It was founded in 1951 by the great person Abdul Sattar Edhi. Its headquarter is situated in Karachi. Edhi foundation provides emergency assistance for 24 hours all over Pakistan and internationally. The foundation provides many other services to needy people like free hospital and medical care, a shelter for needy people, drug rehabilitation services.

Edhi foundation also renders aid to needy women and children, helps unidentified bodies during different tragedies and disaster situations. This organization is famous for many more humanitarian services like helping orphans, handicapped persons, refugees, women’s shelters and their healthcare and education, missing persons, marine and coastal services, blood donation & drug rehabilitation banks, and helps in international community centers.

Minhaj Welfare Foundation:

Minhaj welfare foundation is another famous and the largest non-governmental international relief and welfare organization and charity foundation in the world.  It was founded by Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri on 17 October 1989. Foundation is divided into four main categories are Welfare, education, emergency aid, and health care.

MWF is registered with the UK charity commission but its head office is in Pakistan. It helps to support the needy and poor people by providing basic health care, education, social-economic, and welfare support without any difference of religion. MWF also provides 70,000 free eye-medical treatments now. It helps in flood situations many times in different countries.

Care Pakistan:

Care foundation is one of the most famous NGOs in Pakistan which was founded by a great female Seema Aziz. In 1988 she traveled to flood-affected areas to help the needy people and them. She noticed that there was no school and that place and children were spending their day freely in the streets. She thought that education is a basic right of every child and it’s time to take action for these children.

Care foundation opens its first school in1988 in the province of Punjab, Sheikhupura on the first day of school more than 250 children came there now that one school turn into several more school and the students are toping their board exam and competing them with other students who are attended private school around the country 

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation:

The Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is one of the most famous NGOs of Pakistan that was founded in 2005. Farhan Sarwar and his family were the founders of the registered NGO. Its headquarters is in Lahore. The basic purpose of this foundation is to provide public health and education not only for the local community, for all around the world.

It is one of the international NGOs in Pakistan that heads the basic subsidiaries, TANA Netting NRS Relief.

Aman Foundation:

Aman Foundation is another famous and registered NGO of Pakistan. It was founded by Arif Naqvi and Ms. Fayeeza Naqvi in 2008. Foundation is based in Karachi Pakistan. The purpose of this NGO is to focus on the health and education of needy and poor people.

The working of the Aman foundation is quite different from other NGOs of Pakistan. It works with an entrepreneurial mind-set to provide different skills to fellow Pakistanis to reshape their lives. The aim of the foundation is to redirect the destinies of people. It works with different donations and grants of high-impact organizations.

Aman Ghar, another vision of Aman foundation has served over 4 million meals to date. Aman ambulance is another great initiative of this foundation that has changed the landscape of emergency care in Pakistan.

Dar ul Sukun:

Dar-ul-Sukun is founded in Karachi in 1969. It is a Famous NGO of Pakistan that is responsible to take care of needy and underprivileged people. It provides accommodation to men and women both physically and mentally challenged in poverty. Dar ul Sukun has three branches in Karachi. It is the best home or shelter for disabled people or the persons who are residing on the streets.

Green Crescent Foundation:

Green Crescent Foundation is one of the famous NGOs of Pakistan situated in Sindh Pakistan. It focuses on the education and development of the needy and deserving children.  It was established in 1955. Their goal is: ‘’Making a better Pakistan through education.’’

It is a professional foundation that is working under the supervision of the board of trustees. It runs many schools for boys and girls in urban and rural areas. Foundation has expanded its services with a center of educational research and development for teachers. It has also taken initiative for orphan’s support. This foundation has managed to increase the female ratio in getting an education from 20% to 40% in Sindh.

Aga Khan Foundation:

Aga Khan Foundation is one of the famous and oldest Private NGOs in Pakistan. It was founded in 1967 by Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini. AKF provides solutions and services to the needy people of hunger, poverty, ill-health, and literacy.  It also collaborates with local, national, and international partners to bring improvements of life for people. Aga Khan Foundation is working in 19 countries. Its head office is situated in Switzerland.

The foundation always concentrates on strengthening civil society.  It tries to identify such solutions which can be adopted in every region and culture. It also focuses on some vital issues like human resource development gender discrimination and development and community participation.

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