Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of 2018

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Top 10 Pakistani Dramas of 2018. Plays are very popular in women and many plays are being shown on different channels. Like every year, some plays were made which highlighted some social issues with their wonderful topics and interesting story. Family traditions were upheld and the audience liked them immensely.
The following are mentioned in the year 2018, these Pakistani plays which have become very popular and have also received a huge audience.

Baba Jani

The story of the drama ‘Baba Jani’ revolves mainly around the relationship of stepfather and daughter, as a society, in general, does not accept this relationship and various social problems continue.
Faisal Qureshi plays the role of a man named Asfand, who has an older and 2 younger sisters, whose demands make life difficult for him.
In the play, Saba Hameed (Najiba) older sister, while Janan Hussain (Nila) and Adela Khan (Nabila) played the roles of Faisal Qureshi’s younger sisters.
In the play, Faisal Qureshi’s love and his cousin Mahesh are played by Faryal Mehmood, whose engagement is based on childhood, but later his sisters end this relationship, which is also known to Asfand.
Sawera Nadeem, on the other hand, is portrayed as a widow, and Madi’ah imam plays the role of his daughter Nimrah.
When Asfand first sees Nuimra (he goes into a relationship with Nimra), she looks at him like a younger sister after he is very young, after which he puts his hand on her head and runs away. And wishes to provide it with a strong roof.
In the play, Asfand marries Sadia, but after Sadia’s death, the questions raised by Asfand and Nimra’s relationship appear to affect him and Nimra’s life. Asfand appeared to be playing a father, trying to ease the odds for his stepdaughter Nimra.


The drama ‘Khani’ depicts the story of a girl who, despite belonging to a middle-class family, dared to fight the great powers and succeeded in facing long struggles and problems.
The story of the play revolves around Sanam Khan, a girl who is lovingly called by everyone. The play depicts a political family who is intoxicated by their power and treat ordinary people worse than animals. At the start of the play, Mir Hadi kills her 4 shots when she gets into a quarrel with her brother, after which the real story of the drama begins when Sarum arrives at the hospital.
After killing, Mir Hadi goes to jail, but being a powerful political family, he gets all the facilities, fed up with the political influence and threats of Hadi. The Khan forgives his brother’s murderer Mir Hadi. Later in the play, Hadi falls in love with Sanam Khani, but Khani never falls in love with him.
Later, after marrying a well-known businessman, Sanam tries to punish his brother’s murderer once again, after which the circumstances decide that my grandmother will appear before the court and ask for the death sentence. Goes to the general public.
The end of the play was very lively and the audience eagerly awaited whether or not Mir Hadi would be hanged, but at the request of Sanam Khan and his family, the execution was converted to life imprisonment. Sanam Khan played the role of Khanam and Feroz Khan played the role of Mir Hadi.


The drama ‘Aangan’ is based on a Punjabi family, which depicts the joint family system, traditions and the significance of the house.
A drama story revolves around the head of the house, Mian Ji (Kavi Khan), his wife Zetoon Bano (Samina Ahmed), their 4 sons, their married life, and their unmarried daughter.
The play began with Zoya’s marriage efforts, after which 3 sons living at home had problems with their life problems and the demand for a fourth son’s arrival from abroad and division was very high, ending the play. The son (Nurul Hassan, who plays the role of Sajjad) died when he could not bear the brunt of selling the house.
The message in this story is for the society that when all are together, problems are easily solved and the yard in which every person in the house has lived his life, where he has memories, dreams, has to end his life.

Asi Hai Tanhai

The drama serial is such a loneliness that it drew the attention of its fans on the subject where 2 families and many lives were destroyed due to society’s ruthlessness and misuse of the internet.
The drama started late last year but ended in March this year, based on the crime and its effects on social media. The main protagonist of the play Pakia Islam creates some personal photos from her mobile camera at the behest of her fiancé and these pictures are meant to show her fiancé that their mobile is touched and the images in it go viral on the internet.
Pakiza cuts a long sentence for her images going viral, leaving her helpless in hospital after poisoning her own mother to avoid hearing the society, where an employee of the hospital in a state of unconsciousness Rapees you.
The most important point of the play is that a vulnerable girl who suffered from the oppression of society fought against the situation and fought a legal battle to regain her position in society. Sonia Hassan plays the role of Pakiza Islam in the lead role of the play, Saba Hameed as her mother and Nadia Khan as her elder sister Kanza while Sami Khan plays the role of Pakiza Class Fellow and fiancé Hamza. ۔

Koi Chand Rakh

The drama ‘Keep No Moon’ is based on the story of infidelity and love, but this story is more about Muneeb Butt’s love for Aisha Khan, Imran Abbas’ recklessness and Aisha Khan’s tears, helplessness, and cruelty to them. Being liked The story of a moon-moon revolves around Dr. Rabil, whose parents died in childhood, and he was raised in his aunt’s home.
Rabil’s cousin, Amir, who is 4 years older than them, gets arrested for their love, but Rabil considers her a younger brother, knowing that Amir’s mother hurries and tries to marry Rabail. In the wealthy family, Zain decides to marry her. However, Zain is introduced to Rabil’s uncle by the name of Dr. Rabil, and this becomes known to Zain after the relationship is over. 
Zain marries Rebel because of his father, and later, when Zain’s father learns of the relationship between Zakel and Zain, they do not suffer the trauma and die of a heart attack. Before his death, Zain’s father promises that he will never divorce her. Later, Nishal marries Zain and confronts Zain against Rabail that Umair and Rabil liked each other.

Suno Chanda

The story of the drama ‘Suno Chanda’ is hilarious and romantic and revolves around two cousins living in the common family system who have been misbehaving against each other since childhood but are tied to the marriage bond.
The drama also highlights the difficulties and obstacles in the relationship, and the drama shows that Arsenal and Jiya don’t want to marry each other, but they agree with respect for their grandmother’s wishes. Iqra Aziz plays Jiya and Farhan Saeed plays Arsal in the lead role.

Meri Guria

The drama ‘Meri Guria’ is based on the sensitive subject of the rising incidents of rape In the Drama ‘Meri Guria’ the body of an 8-year-old innocent girl is found in a pile of rubbish, after which the mother raises her voice to end her daughter’s murder.
In the Drama Mohsin Abbas plays the role of Dabir, who is playing the role of an innocent person but he gets involved in the rape of girls and does not want to get married, but his mother is forcibly married to his bride.
Sonia Hasan plays the role of Safina and, along with Abda’s mother who is the victim of Safina rape, raise a voice against the atrocity, she makes a video for the purpose which goes viral on the Internet. Notice is taken on this matter.
However, police take action on the matter and with the help of DNA tests, Dabir is found guilty. Later, it is revealed that Dabir is involved not only in Abida but also in the area’s 12 girls’ rape. The culmination is the execution of this dangerous criminal and brutal gangster.

Dil Maum Ka Dia

The drama serial ‘Dil Mom Ka Diya’ tells the story of an arrogant girl who is very proud of her beauty and is waiting for a beautiful prince but she gets married to Afzal and Afzal loves her very much but she loves her money and Focuses on her beauty and eventually divorces her because of her shortcomings and pride.
In the play, Ulfat’s daughter Azhar falls in love with his cousin Tamkanat and she is also married, which does not include the consent of Ulfat. Later, after Ulfat’s behaviour and divorce, Azhar does not leave Tamkanat to be the same as Ulfat. However, waiting for Tamkanat brings colour and Azhar comes after many years and apologizes to Tamkanat.
The role of Ulfat in the play is played by Neelam Munir and Afzal played by Yasir Nawaz. Imran Ashraf played the role of Azhar and Hira Mani.
The play became very popular because of its arrogant nature and its simplicity of focus.


Haiwan drama is based on the topic of sexual abuse with children.
The drama story depicts a 10-year-old girl, Masooma, a friend of Hameed’s daughter and her neighbor, but when one day Hameed’s wife and children are not in the house, he rapes a drunk girl and hides the crime. And kills her in her own home for burial. Later, the body of the girl is revealed after a gap of 3 years, and after confessing guilt, Hameed finally confesses his guilt to his children and suffers a heart attack because of their hatred.
The play highlights the fact that the perpetrator of raping innocent girls severely affects not only the victim’s family but also his family, and when this crime comes to light, there is nothing but remorse. The role of Hameed in the play is played by Faisal Qureshi and Masooma’s mother Sawera Nadeem and Sanam Chaudhary play the role of Masooma’s elder sister and Hameed’s daughter.


The drama serial band revolves around the daughter of a poor farmer whose parents are employed in a wealthy family with the help of a woman in an attempt to save the unlucky elder.
The drama is made in a rural background, depicting the flaws of a feudal system and the helplessness of a helpless oppressed girl, whose poverty is the biggest crime that her mistress despises. The mistress’s son is arrested in love with a poor labourer’s daughter, who is also an employee of his house. The poor farmer and Aiman Khan play the role of their daughter.

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