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The recent hit serial “Do bol” was a masterpiece because the efforts of the following people, its writer Sarwat Nazir, the director Syed Wajahat Hussain, production by the one and only Humayun Saeed and what would ve the drama without the main cast which consists of many bright stars from the Pakistani industry including, Hira Mani as the lead Gaiti Ara and Affan Waheed as the male lead role of Badar.

‘Do bol’ the recent hit Pakistani serial that was aired on 25th February 2018 and ended on May 5th, 2019.

This serial instantly got high views because of its practical storyline and heartfelt performances by the actors engaging.


The story revolves around a common problem today in the eastern world, patriarchy.

The drama narrates a story of love and how many difficult struggles a woman has to undergo in this eastern patriarchy society. AA women are always expected to understand, sacrifice and put others happiness first instead of their own.

The drama shows how her life is dictated by the men in charge, she does not have any authority or control on basic life decisions. Her life seems miserable and sad.


The story takes place in a rich house in Karachi where the lead, Gaiti lives, her life is exceptional and luxurious and she has all that a girl could possibly desire because of her wealthy father.

On the contrary, comes into reference is our hero Badar, who comes from a deprived background

while being a decent and humble guy who became of tough circumstances and conditions work at the home of Gaiti as the servant of her father.

On the other hand Gaiti having everything including, beauty, money, and fortune still lacked something, which was the basic love from her father, her father didn’t have any emotions towards her due to the reason that, She was the daughter of his first wife who according to his belief cheated on him which was the reason why he considered Gaiti as unlucky for him and lacked attachment.

Badar on the other hand because of having good personality and morels gained the respect for Gaitis father’s immediately. He secretly fell in love with Gaiti, but because of having a poor status he never confessed his love and kept the distance.

Meanwhile in the story Sameer, who was the younger brother of her ants’ husband, the pair met and fell in love immediately and agreed to get married. Sameer was also the best friend of Badar and was the only one who knew about Sameer and Gaiti and was there was nothing he could do to claim or save his love.

But then again comes the drama, Her father on the other fixed her to get married to her cousin ‘Zaffar’ who was disliked by Gaiti because of him having a bad attitude and arrogance nature.

After getting to know about her marriage with Zaffar, she wanted to meet her mother and tell her about the current situation so she could help her by stopping her marriage

The number of twists did not end just here as further in the story Gaiti and Sameer plan to go to Karachi to meet her mother, while on the station waiting for Sameer, He took too long and did not make it in time and another addition to the problems wad that Gaitis uncle saw Gaiti and Badar together at the station, and assume that they were running away together.

And then because of her father harsh orders, she was forcefully married to Badar.

This was the hardest task for getting as being from a family of high status she was forcefully married into a family of deprived status.

She hated Badar from start, and was very rude and arrogant it was very rude and arrogant and completely hated their relation and did not want to live with him and did not accept this marriage.

Whist Badar respectfully did all he could to earn her love. Because he loved her  unconditionally accepted all of our behavior and attitudes with joy

The story of Sameer to get her life did not end just there, he tried everything he could to get Gaiti back.

Time went on and brothers slowly instantly gain respect into the heart for Badar and started to fall in love with his loving personality and understanding nature.

Because of him, she understood the real meaning of love and appreciation and that worldly materials do not play any effect on true happiness.

On the other hand, gets his father felt guilty for what he had done to his daughter by forcefully getting her married his servant. Love for Gaiti bloomed in his heart

Later on, her father asks for forgiveness from Gaiti and she whole-heatedly forgave him and continued her life with Badar, ad she considers him as an expected blessing and now the couple was in love with each other.

Badar did not only play the role of her husband but also stood by her through all hardships no matter how Gaiti treated him and showed her what real love is.

The story ends with a happy ending in which everything goes the way it should and Gaiti and Badar are together, settled and are parents of a beautiful son

People’s reviews

Gaiti might have not achieved the love of Sameer as planned by her but little did she know, God had better things planned for her, in the form of Badar

Do bol has been a rollercoaster of emotions and drama for the viewers, It indeed is a full meal of love, morals, belief, and romance

It not only was a perfect drama serial, but it also comprised of a hit soundtrack “Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya” sung by Nabeel Shaukat Ali and Aima Baig it’s heart-touching tune and lyrics and has become everyone’s favorite in short spam of

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