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Nalaiq, a 2020 Pakistani drama aired on HUM TV, narrates the poignant story of Nishaal, a young girl left in the care of her paternal aunt following her parent’s demise. Mirroring a Cinderella-esque scenario, it delves into Nishaal’s trials as she navigates through life burdened with household chores and demeaned by her family, earning the nickname “Nalaiq” or incompetent. Despite her adversities, Nishaal’s resilience and kindness make her journey a compelling tale of overcoming hardship. The drama, featuring stars like Imran Aslam and Eshal Syed, is a mix of drama, romance, and social commentary woven into a narrative that highlights themes of injustice and empowerment.

Nalaiq Drama Review

Drama Nalaiq
Channel HUM TV
Director Adeel Qamar Khan
Producer Momina Duraid Productions
Starring Imran Aslam, Asad Arsalan Butt, Eshal Syed, Alia Khan
Writer Imran Nazir
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date July 13, 2020
IMDB rating N/A
Google Users N/A
Total episodes 89
First episode’s airing date July 13, 2020
Last episode’s date November 13, 2020
Average episode length Approximately 20 minutes

Nalaiq Drama Cast

Actor/Actress Name Role in Drama
Imran Aslam Not specified
Asad Arsalan Butt Not specified
Eshal Syed Not specified
Alia Khan Not specified
Amna Raja Not specified
Afshan Qureshi Not specified
Hina Shahid Not specified
Ayesha Mirza Not specified
Rubina Alvi Not specified
Michelle Mumtaz Not specified
Mahnoor Sheikh Not specified

HUM TV Drama Nalaiq Storyline

HUM TV Drama Nalaiq Storyline

Nalaiq is a drama that aired on Hum TV, centred around the life of a young girl named Nishaal, who faces a challenging life after the death of her parents. Left under the care of her maternal uncle, Nishaal’s life takes a turn for the worse due to the harsh treatment she receives from her maternal aunt and cousins. Despite her circumstances, Nishaal harbours a strong desire to pursue education, hoping it would change her status of being considered “incompetent” or “nalaiq” by those around her. The drama weaves through the themes of struggle, family dynamics, and the quest for education against the odds. It portrays Nishaal’s resilience in the face of adversity and her undying hope for a better future.

Nalaiq Plot Summary

The drama “Nalaiq” tells the story of a young girl named Nishaal, who is left to fend for herself after her parents pass away, under the care of her maternal uncle. Her life is filled with challenges, as her maternal aunt exploits her for household chores while pretending to care for her. Nishaal’s cousins also mistreat her, further adding to her struggles. Despite these hardships, Nishaal dreams of getting an education to escape being labelled as “nalaiq” or incompetent. The drama unfolds around her journey and the dynamics of her family.

Nalaiq Synopsis

Nalaiq Synopsis

“Nalaiq” is a family drama aired on HUM TV, focusing on the life of a young girl named Nishaal, who is left alone after her parents’ demise. She grows up under the care of her maternal uncle, facing numerous challenges, including dealing with her cruel aunt who exploits her for household chores while pretending to care for her. Nishaal’s cousins also mistreat her, further adding to her struggles. Despite these hardships, Nishaal dreams of education and a better life, often lamenting her lack of opportunities and being labeled as “Nalaiq” (unqualified).

The drama is a production of MD Productions, written by Imran Nazir and directed by Adeel Qamar Khan. It stars Imran Aslam, Asad Arsalan Butt, Eshal Syed, among others. The storyline encapsulates problems, unjust treatment, home politics, and the pursuit of happiness, showcasing Nishaal’s journey through adversity with a focus on her innocence and resilience.

User Reviews

  • Nalaiq beautifully captures the essence of struggle and resilience. Watching Nishaal’s journey from being marginalised to seeking empowerment through education was truly inspiring. A must-watch for its compelling narrative and powerful performances.
  • This drama is a gem! The storyline revolving around Nishaal’s challenges and her undying spirit to overcome them really touched my heart. The cast did a fantastic job making each character memorable.
  • I was deeply moved by Nalaiq’s portrayal of societal issues and the importance of education. It’s a story of hope, determination, and the fight against being labelled ‘incompetent.’ Highly recommend it for its emotional depth and storytelling.
  • Nalaiq stands out for its realistic depiction of family dynamics and the struggles of a young girl in a conservative society. The drama is a rollercoaster of emotions, with moments that will make you cry and cheer for Nishaal.
  • From the first episode, Nalaiq had me hooked. It’s not just a drama; it’s a powerful message about breaking free from societal constraints. The lead actress’s portrayal of Nishaal is phenomenal, making it a compelling watch.

Nalaiq OST

Nalaiq Teaser

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