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Mohlat drama

Mohlat is a Pakistani TV drama about a young girl named Nawera who tries very hard to help her family even though they don’t treat her nicely. It aired on May 17, 2021, on Geo Entertainment. The show was produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. It has famous actors like Bushra Ansari and Sami Khan. The story is about Nawera’s life, how she deals with her family’s unfair treatment and her love for her cousin Dawar. This drama is special because it shows how Nawera keeps being kind even when it’s tough.

Mohlat  Drama Review

Drama Mohlat
Channel Geo Entertainment
Director Saima Waseem
Producer Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
Starring Bushra Ansari, Kinza Hashmi and Sami Khan
Writer Samira Fazal
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 17 May, 2021
IMDB rating 6.7/10
Genre Family Drama and Romance
Google Users 88% liked this TV show
Total episodes 65
First episode’s airing date 17 May, 2021
Last episode’s date 19 July 2021
Average episode length 38 minutes approx

Mohlat Drama Cast

Actor Character
Komal Aziz Khan Navera
Kinza Hashmi Maham
Sami Khan Dawar
Javeria Abbasi Sadaf
Usama Khan Essa
Danial Afzal Khan Salman
Sabeena Farooq Rida
Bushra Ansari Talat
Asma Abbas Zahida
Nida Mumtaz Salman’s Mother
Aadi Khan Ehaab
Tanveer Jamal Tahir
Saife Hassan Fareed
Fahad Ahmad __

Geo Entertainment Drama Mohlat Storyline

Geo Entertainment Drama Mohlat Storyline

Mohlat is a captivating drama centred around the life of Nawera, a young and kind-hearted girl who consistently goes out of her way to support and care for her family despite facing neglect and undervaluation from them. Residing with her parents and two elder sisters, Maham and Rida, Nawra’s benevolence often goes unnoticed, leaving her in the shadows of her family’s affections and priorities.

The narrative reveals Nawra’s resilience and unwavering kindness in the face of indifference and sometimes outright disregard from her loved ones. Through its poignant storytelling, Mohlat explores themes of familial bonds, the complexities of human relationships, and the quest for recognition and love within a family dynamic, all while showcasing Nawra’s journey towards finding her own worth and space within her world.

Mohlat Plot Summary

Mohlat tells the story of Nawera, a kind and innocent girl who lives with her parents and two older sisters, Maham and Rida. Unfortunately, Nawera’s loving nature is often overlooked by her family, who consider her unlucky since birth. Despite this, Nawera knows her own value and develops feelings for her cousin, Dawar, who is in love with her sister, Maham. The drama unfolds as Nawera navigates the complexities of family dynamics, love, and the pursuit of self-worth, all while dealing with the challenges posed by her family’s neglect and discrimination.

Mohlat Synopsis

Mohlat Synopsis

The drama “Mohlat” takes a significant turn when Nawera discovers Dawar’s true feelings for her sister, Maham. Despite her own feelings for Dawar, Nawera faces a heart-wrenching dilemma as she realises the depth of her cousin’s love for Maham, leading her to make a selfless decision. This moment marks a pivotal point in the narrative, showcasing Nawera’s incredible sacrifice for the happiness of those she loves.

The emotional turmoil and the complexities of love and family loyalty come to the forefront, altering the relationships between the characters and setting the stage for the unfolding drama. Nawera’s act of selflessness serves as a catalyst for change, revealing her true strength and the complexities of human emotions involved, thereby deepening the plot and adding layers to the family dynamics.

Mohlat Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Categories Recipients Result
21st Lux Style Awards Best TV Long Play Mohlat Nominated

User Reviews

  • Absolutely loved ‘Mohlat’ for its powerful storytelling and incredible performances. Nawera’s character is so relatable, and her journey is truly inspiring. A must-watch for those who enjoy deep, emotional dramas.
  • This drama touched my heart deeply. The way it showcases family dynamics and the struggles of Nawera is both heartbreaking and beautiful. The cast did an amazing job, especially Komal Aziz Khan as Nawera.
  • I started watching ‘Mohlat’ without much expectation but was pleasantly surprised by its depth and the complex characters. It’s refreshing to see a drama focus on the strength and resilience of a young woman facing familial challenges.
  • Mohlat is a gem among Pakistani dramas. It’s not just a story but a journey of emotions, struggles, and triumphs. Each episode left me more attached to the characters and their stories.
  • While ‘Mohlat’ presents a compelling narrative and strong performances, I felt the pacing was a bit slow in parts. However, the overall message and Nawera’s character development made it worth watching. Great for those who appreciate character-driven stories.

Mohlat OST

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