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Mein na Janoo Drama

Mein Na Janoo is a Pakistani drama from 2019, created by Momina Duraid and Adnan Siddiqui. It tells the story of Saira and her complex family life, featuring love and conflicts with her half-sister, Kiran, and two cousins, Nain and Nehat. Nain, once a pilot, is now blind, and both he and Nehat have feelings for Saira, leading to a complicated love situation. Despite a promising start with Sanam Jung’s return to TV, the drama received mixed reviews for its complex plot and slow pace.

Mein Na Janoo Drama Review

Drama Mein Na Janoo
Channel Hum TV
Director Furqan Khan
Producer Adnan Siddiqui and Akhter Hussain
Starring Zahid Ahmed, Sanam Jung, Affan Waheed
Writer Nooran Makhdoom
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 16 July 2019 – 31 March 2020
IMDB rating 7.8/10
Google Users 69% liked this TV show
Total episodes 37
First episode’s airing date 16 July 2019
Last episode’s date 31 March 2020
Average episode length N/A
Language Urdu

Mein Na Janoo Cast

Character Actor
Zulqarnain a.k.a. Nain Zahid Ahmed
Saira Sanam Jung
Nehat Affan Waheed
Kiran Komal Aziz Khan
Waleed Waseem Abbas
Asma Beena Chaudhary
Farah Huma Nawab
Amma Sangeeta
Sabra Seemi Pasha
Tehmina Ayesha Gul
Asghar Imam Syed
Farrukh Hashim Butt

Mein Na Janoo StoryLine

Mein Na Janoo Story Line

Mein Na Janoo is a story about Saira, a girl facing family challenges, including mistreatment by her grandmother and stepmother. Her life is further complicated by the affections of two cousins, Nain and Nehat, leading to a tangled web of relationships and emotions within the family.

The drama unfolds around Saira’s complicated family dynamics, resulting from her father’s two marriages and the impact on everyone involved. It explores themes of love, resilience, and the quest for happiness amidst family strife, showcasing Saira’s journey through love, familial decisions, and their consequences on all family members.

Mein Na Janoo Plot Summary

Mein Na Janoo is a Pakistani drama that aired from July 2019 to March 2020. It tells the story of Saira, a young woman who faces abuse from her stepmother and grandmother, contrasting with the kindness of her half-sister, Kiran. The plot thickens as Saira navigates complex family dynamics, including her father’s two marriages and the entangled affections of her cousins, Nain and Nehat. As the story unfolds, it explores themes of love, betrayal, and family loyalty amidst a backdrop of societal pressures​​​.

Mein Na Janoo Synopsis

Mein Na Janoo Synopsis

Mein Na Janoo is a drama about Saira, a young woman who deals with harsh treatment from her stepmother and grandmother. Her life gets complicated due to her family’s complex dynamics and the romantic interests of her cousins, Nain and Nehat. The story dives into themes of love, family conflict, and seeking happiness amidst adversity​.

User Reviews

  • Some viewers found the initial episodes to lack originality, labelling the drama as another typical love triangle entangled with family dynamics. The characters and scenarios were seen as too simplistic and not engaging enough to captivate interest from the start​.
  • The portrayal of the main characters received mixed reviews. While some appreciated the actors’ efforts, particularly Zahid Ahmed‘s portrayal of Nain, others felt that the characters, including Saira, played by Sanam Jung, were underdeveloped or not convincingly portrayed. The dynamic between characters like Nain and Saira and the handling of their relationships was a point of contention, with some viewers finding certain developments unconvincing or overly dramatic .
  • The drama’s exploration of complex family relationships and societal pressures was noted, but some viewers criticised the execution, finding it repetitive or unengaging. The storyline involving Saira’s forced marriage and the character assassination of her mother was particularly criticised for being annoying and overly repetitive​.
  • One viewer expressed frustration over the drama’s portrayal of societal norms, particularly criticising the plot’s reliance on themes like cousin marriage and the portrayal of women in distressing situations without adequate agency or resolution. This sentiment reflects a desire for more innovative storytelling that challenges rather than reinforces traditional norms​.
  • Despite the criticisms, some viewers found “Mein Na Janoo” worth watching, primarily due to specific performances and the potential of the storyline. Zahid Ahmed’s role as Nain was often highlighted as a redeeming aspect of the show, with viewers looking forward to his character’s development and impact on the plot​.

Mein Na Janoo OST Song

Mein Na Janoo Best Moment

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