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Tum Se Kaha Tha Drama

Tum Se Kehna Tha is a Pakistani TV drama from 2020 that tells a love story. It’s produced by Momina Duraid and has Kinza Hashmi, Azfar Rehman, and Areej Mohyudin as the main actors. The story is about two sisters, Yusra and Rabi, their life challenges, and how misunderstandings between them grow because of unfortunate events. It was shown on Hum TV from November 2020 to March 2021.

Tum Se Kehna Tha Drama Review

Drama Tum Se Kehna Tha
Channel HUM TV
Director Fahim Burney
Producer Momina Duraid
Starring Kinza Hashmi, Azfar Rehman and Areej Mohyudin
Writer Jahanzeb Qamar
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 24 November 2020
IMDB rating N/A
Google Users 94% liked this TV show
Total episodes N/A
First episode’s airing date 24 November 2020 
Last episode’s date 30 March 2021
Average episode length 40 minutes approx

Tum Se Kehna Tha Cast

Actor Character
Azfar Rehman Faris
Mariam Mirza Samina
Munazzah Arif Zeenat
Raeed Muhammad Alam Yasir
Kinza Hashmi Yusra
Areej Mohyudin Rabi
Laila Zuberi (No character listed)
Subhan Awan Saim
Nadia Afgan Saba Chaudhary
Khalid Butt Yusra and Rabi’s father

HUM TV Drama Tum Se Kehna Tha Full Story

HUM TV Drama Tum Se Kehna Tha Storyline

The story of Tum Se Kehna Tha revolves around the complex relationships and challenges faced by two sisters, Yusra and Rabi. Their lives are intertwined with love, misunderstandings, and a series of unfortunate events that test their bonds. Through their journey, the drama explores themes of family, loyalty, and the consequences of misunderstandings in close relationships. It’s a narrative that delves deep into the emotional landscapes of its characters, showcasing their struggles and growth amidst life’s trials.

Tum Se Kehna Tha Plot Summary

Tum Se Kehna Tha is a drama about love and complications. It tells the story of Faris, who falls in love with Rabi at first sight but ends up marrying Rabi’s sister due to family pressure. Despite his marriage, Faris continues to love Rabi, leading to tension and heartache. The drama is set against the beautiful backdrop of Nathia Gali, adding to its romantic and dramatic essence.

Tum Se Kehna Tha Synopsis

Tum Se Kehna Tha Synopsis

“Tum Se Kehna Tha” is a compelling Pakistani drama aired on Hum TV that delves into the complexities of relationships, societal expectations, and the intricate web of family dynamics. The narrative escalates towards its climax as it unfolds the emotional turmoil and challenges faced by the protagonists, navigating the tumultuous path of love, betrayal, and reconciliation.

The story reaches a turning point when misunderstandings and secrets threaten to tear apart the bonds of love and trust that the characters have strived to build. The climax not only brings to the forefront the consequences of their actions and decisions but also tests the strength and resilience of their relationships. As they confront their fears and vulnerabilities, the characters embark on a journey of self-discovery, forgiveness, and the relentless pursuit of happiness amidst adversity. “Tum Se Kehna Tha” poignantly captures the essence of human emotions and the relentless spirit to overcome obstacles for the sake of love, making it a riveting drama that resonates with many.

User Reviews

  • Tum Se Kehna Tha beautifully captures the essence of love and sacrifice. Kinza Hashmi and Azfar Rehman deliver powerful performances that tug at your heartstrings. A must-watch!
  • This drama brings a fresh storyline with its complex characters and emotional depth. The scenic locations add to the overall charm. However, the pacing felt a bit slow in the middle episodes.
  • The chemistry between the leads is undeniable. The plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat, making it a binge-worthy series. The soundtrack is also a standout, complementing the drama perfectly.
  • While the drama presents a poignant love story, some of the plot developments seemed predictable. Nevertheless, the acting and direction are top-notch, making it a worthwhile watch.
  • A compelling narrative that explores the intricacies of family dynamics and unrequited love. Each episode peels back layers, revealing the characters’ vulnerabilities. A well-crafted drama that resonates with the audience.

Tum Se Kehna Tha OST

Tum Se Kehna Tha Teaser

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