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Hum TV Drama Mushk Review

Written by          Imran Ashraf

Directed by        Aehsun Talish

Producer(s)        Momina Duraid

Production company(s) MD Productions

Mushk Drama full Cast

  • Imran Ashraf
  • Urwa Hocane
  • Momal Sheikh
  • Osama Tahir
  • Mohammad Ahmed
  • Zara Tareen
  • Raza Talish
  • Sehar Khan
  • Laiba
  • Shamoon Abbasi

Mushk Drama OST

It was reported that Urwa Hocane would make a rebound on TV screens with Mushk with Imran Ashraf, and Script will be composed by Imran Ashraf himself in October 2019. At Bol Nights show, Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed reported that they would be a part of Mushk, yet later on, they dropped it. Further, it was declared that Momal Sheik is supplanted by Khan, and Gohar Rasheed, by Osama Tahir.

Kubra Khan reveals the story of her new project. She is going to work with Imran Ashraf and Gohar Rasheed in an up and coming show sequential ‘Mushk’.

Mushk Drama Story Line

Discussing Mushk’s plot, Urwa included, “The storyline isn’t something that can be summed up in a couple of sentences; it has a ton of great layers, and you will become informed with a ton of new things through it. I can’t uncover a lot now, so you should sit tight to hit the screens. This will be something new and new, so trust me; persistence will be happy.”

Urwa additionally shared that she is excited to be a part of an astounding group behind her expected drama, and she is thoroughly appreciating going for it. “Working with each individual has been exceptional; I’ve taken in a great deal from every one of them, and I’m anticipating more coming to our direction.”

According to Drama Reviews, I am so eager to see Urwa back in TV, she is so prejudged, and I have consistently preferred her as an entertainer, I am anxious to see her after Udaari, this is excellent news, a debt of gratitude is for sharing awida, Urwa is back as she used to pick unique contents. Her acting was, in every case, usually depicted!


Spotlight chose to converse with Imran Ashraf and Aehsun Talish about their future project, and how they would feel on teaming up again. Let’s see when it will be aired on TV.

Mushk Drama Teasers

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