Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Drama Cast, Story, Review, Writer, Timing, and Release Date

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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Drama

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is a TV show from Pakistan. It tells the story of a woman who wishes for wealth and how it changes her life. Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain, and Mansha Pasha play the main roles. The drama is like an old story about love and greed. It shows how wanting more can impact a family.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida  Drama Review

Drama Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida
Channel Hum TV
Director Barkat Siddiqui
Producer N/A
Starring Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain and Mansha Pasha
Writer Abdul Khaliq Khan
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 17 June 2020
IMDB rating N/A
Genre Romance
Google Users 92% liked this TV show
Total episodes 31
First episode’s airing date 17 June 2020
Last episode’s date 13 January 2021
Average episode length Approx. 37-40 minutes

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Cast

Actor/Actress Character
Mansha Pasha Shafaq
Zahid Ahmed Shahaan
Sonya Hussyn Ulfat
Angeline Malik Mrs Ikhlaaq
Mizna Waqas Noori
Sajida Syed Shahaan’s mother
Hassam Khan Mansoor
Javaid Sheikh Shafaq’s father
Anosha Ali Bano
Muzaina Malik (No character listed)

Hum TV Drama Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Storyline

Hum TV Drama Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Storyline

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is a Pakistani drama that tells the story of Ulfat, a woman from a middle-class family who dreams of becoming rich. She is married to Shahaan, who loves her deeply. Ulfat’s desire for wealth leads her to take drastic steps that risk her marital life. She meets Shafaq, a rich businesswoman, and makes choices that bring problems for her family. The drama explores the impact of greed and ambition on relationships and the importance of valuing what one already has.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Plot Summary

Ulfat, played by Sonya Hussyn, comes from a family that does not have a lot of money, but she wants to be very rich. She meets Shafaq, played by Mansha Pasha, who has a lot of money because she is a businesswoman. Ulfat decides to do something risky to try to become rich, even if it means she might have trouble in her marriage. This causes many problems for her.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Synopsis

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Synopsis

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is a story about a woman named Ulfat, who lives a simple life but dreams of having a lot of money. She is married to a man named Shahaan, who loves her very much. One day, Ulfat meets a rich woman named Shafaq. Wanting to become rich, Ulfat decides to make a big change in her life that could cause problems with her husband. The drama shows what happens when Ulfat tries to follow her dream and how it affects her family.

User Reviews

  • Overall Positive Feedback: The drama has a high rating, with many viewers appreciating its storyline and performances. It’s described as one of the best dramas produced, highlighting powerful characters and emotional depth, making viewers eager for the next episodes​​.
  • Mixed Reactions to Plot Developments: Some viewers expressed surprise at the character’s reactions in certain episodes, noting unexpected patience and romantic moments between the characters, which added complexity to the storyline​​.
  • Critique on Unrealistic Elements: The drama has been critiqued for its portrayal of wealth acquisition and lifestyle changes, with some scenes described as over the top and lacking in realism, such as the immediate lavish lifestyle changes following a lottery win​​.
  • Discussion on Characters and Plot: There are discussions on the happiness and unrealistic reactions of characters to major plot developments, like Ulfaat’s joy in her husband’s second marriage due to her own financial gains, which some viewers found hard to believe​​.
  • Concerns Over Execution: Some reviews pointed out issues with plot execution, especially scenes that seemed illogical or poorly executed, leading to confusion over whether certain events were real or imagined within the storyline​​.

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida  OST

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Trailer

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