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Chalawa Drama

Chalawa is a Pakistani TV show about scary stories. It was made by Najaf Bilgrami and Shamoon Abbasi and shown first on Hum TV on November 8, 2020. The story has actors like Noor Zafar, Ali Ansari, and Naveen Waqar. It is about magical and horror tales. The show was made by MD Productions and NJ Films. It is a story that makes you feel scared and excited.

Chalawa Drama Review

Drama Chalawa
Channel HUM TV
Director Najaf Bilgrami and Shamoon Abbasi
Producer M. Nadeem J. and Umer Mukhtar
Starring Noor Zafar Khan, Ali Ansari and Naveen Waqar
Writer Shahid Nizami
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 8 November 2020 
IMDB rating 8.2/10
Google Users 80% liked this TV show
Total episodes 22
First episode’s airing date 8 November 2020
Last episode’s date             4 April 2021
Average episode length             37-38 Minutes

Chalawa Drama Cast

Actor Character
Naveen Waqar Mahnoor
Noor Zafar Khan Sawera Ahmed Turk
Adnan Jaffar Professor Faraz Hamdani
Anoushey Rania Khan Sawera
Ali Ansari Harib Khanzada
Naveed Raza Fawaad
Samina Ahmad Khala
Usama Khan Sarosh
Tabbasum Arif Tehmina
Fawad Jalal Amir Ahmed Turk
Zain Ullah Zayn

HUM TV Drama Chalawa Storyline

HUM TV Drama Chalawa Storyline

Chalawa is a horror drama from Pakistan that aired on Hum TV. It tells the story of a girl named Sawera who, from birth, is haunted by a supernatural being known as Chalawa. This entity can deceive and create illusions. Sawera’s father died before she was born, and she later discovers that Professor Hamdani, who appeared to be helping her mother Mahnoor and her, was actually betraying them. The drama unfolds with Sawera and her family facing and trying to overcome the menacing presence of Chalawa in their lives. The story is engaging, mixing suspense with supernatural elements, and showcases a battle between good and evil forces, making it a unique addition to Pakistani television that explores the horror genre

Chalawa Plot Summary

Chalawa is about a young girl named Sawera who has a ghost called Chalawa with her since she was born. This ghost can trick people and create illusions. Sawera’s dad, Aamir, passed away before she was born. She didn’t know that a man named Professor Hamdani, who once seemed to help her mom Mahnoor when she was a child, was actually not a good person. He was involved in the bad things happening to them. This man had pretended to help get rid of a bad ghost named Sarnash from Sawera.

Chalawa Synopsis

Chalawa Synopsis

“Chalawa” is a gripping Pakistani drama aired on Hum TV that delves into the supernatural and familial bonds, presenting a unique storyline that captivates its audience. The climax of the series is intricately woven around the unfolding mystery of a supernatural entity, Chalawa, that haunts the protagonist’s family. The story intensifies as the family, especially the young protagonist, navigates through the challenges posed by this entity, uncovering dark family secrets and confronting personal fears. The narrative reaches a peak when the protagonist must face the Chalawa, leading to a confrontation that is both thrilling and revealing.

This climax not only serves as the pinnacle of suspense but also highlights the themes of bravery, resilience, and the strength of familial ties. Throughout the series, the characters are faced with trials that test their bonds, their courage, and their understanding of the supernatural, pushing them to their limits. “Chalawa” masterfully combines elements of horror, mystery, and drama, making it a compelling story of love, loss, and the fight against unseen forces that threaten to tear a family apart.

User Reviews

  • Chalawa stands out for its unique horror storyline in a sea of domestic dramas, though it struggles with amateurish scripting and direction.
  • Despite its attempt at horror, Chalawa often feels more comedic due to underwhelming performances, particularly by Noor, whose lack of energy detracts from the experience.
  • Offers a refreshing break from typical dramas with its horror theme, yet falls short in execution, making it entertaining for reasons perhaps unintended.
  • The drama’s unique approach to incorporating horror elements in Pakistani television is commendable, though it suffers from inconsistency in performance and production quality.
  • Chalawa captivates with its premise but ultimately leaves viewers wanting more due to its inability to fully leverage its horror aspects, turning potentially tense moments into sources of humour.

Chalawa OST

Chalawa Trailer


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