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Bhool ja ae dil Drama

Bhool Jaa Ay Dil is a romantic drama aired on Hum TV in 2020. The story revolves around four friends, including three cousins. Two of the cousins, Sobia and Ahmer, are in love with each other. Meanwhile, Aashi loves Hadid, but Hadid does not return her feelings because he secretly loves his cousin Sobia. The drama showcases the complexities of one-sided love and family relationships.

Bhool Jaa Ay Dil Drama Review

Drama Bhool Jaa Ay Dil
Channel HUM TV
Director Hisham Syed
Producer Momina Duraid Productions
Starring Momina Iqbal, Muhammad Ali Raza, Feroz Qadri
Writer Rizwana Prince
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 16-Nov-2020
IMDB rating 9.1/10
Google Users N/A
Total episodes 106
First episode’s airing date 16-Nov-2020
Last episode’s date 13-Apr-2021
Average episode length Approximately 20 minutes

Bhool Jaa Ay Dil Cast

Character Name Actor/Actress
Sobia Momina Iqbal
Ahmer Feroz Qadri
Hadid Muhammad Ali Raza
Aashi Sarah Ijaz Khan
Agha Ali
Mahrukh Bayg
Narig Rasheed
Leyla Zuberi
Ismat Iqbal
Rabia Akther
Mohsin Raza Gilani


HUM TV Drama Bhool Jaa Ay Dil Storyline

HUM TV Drama Bhool Jaa Ay Dil Storyline

“Bhool Jaa Ay Dil” weaves a captivating tale centred around a poignant love triangle. The storyline unfolds with Sobia, an embodiment of innocence and care, who deeply falls in love with Ahmer. Their bond is depicted with a gentle warmth, highlighting the purity and depth of Sobia’s emotions. However, the serenity of her love story is disrupted by the entrance of Hadid, a character marked by his emotional depth and selfish motives. Hadid’s unrequited love for Sobia propels him into a turmoil of desire and determination as he resolves to win her heart at any cost, oblivious to the chaos his actions might unleash.

The narrative deepens as Hadid’s relentless pursuit introduces a spectrum of challenges, casting a shadow over Sobia’s tranquil love life with Ahmer. His love, tinted with obsession, becomes a source of relentless hurdles for Sobia, threading a path of emotional complexity and turmoil. The drama meticulously portrays their lives intertwining, capturing the essence of unspoken love, the agony of one-sided affection, and the moral dilemmas that ensue. As the characters navigate this labyrinth of love and longing, the audience is drawn into a compelling exploration of the human heart’s capacity for love, sacrifice, and resilience.

Bhool Jaa Ay Dil Synopsis

The drama Bhool Jaa Ay Dil presents a compelling narrative set against a backdrop of emotional complexity and romantic turmoil. It tells the story of Sobia, an innocent and caring individual whose life is turbulent due to a love triangle involving Ahmer, the man she loves, and Hadid, who is infatuated with her.

Despite Sobia’s clear affection for Ahmer, Hadid’s relentless pursuit and emotional manipulation cast a shadow over her relationship, leading to a series of dramatic and heart-wrenching events. The storyline intricately explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the consequences of unrequited feelings, engaging the audience in a deeply emotional and evocative journey.

User Reviews

  • Loved the depth of the characters and the emotional rollercoaster this drama takes you on. The acting was superb, especially the lead roles.
  • The storyline was engaging and kept me hooked until the last episode. The portrayal of complex relationships was done beautifully.
  • Great cinematography and music that perfectly complements the mood of the drama. It’s a must-watch for anyone who enjoys romantic dramas.
  • While the plot was sometimes predictable, the performances and chemistry between the actors made it worth watching. The drama beautifully captures the essence of love and sacrifice.
  • I appreciated the focus on emotional intelligence and the consequences of one’s actions on others. However, some subplots felt unnecessary and dragged on.

Bhool Jaa Ay Dil OST

Bhool Jaa Ay Dil Teaser


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