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Her Private Life Drama

Her Private Life is a Korean TV drama from 2019. It is about Sung Deok-mi, who works at an art gallery. She loves her job but has a secret. She is a big fan of K-pop but does not tell anyone. Her life gets complicated when a new boss comes. They both start to like each other, but her secret hobby might cause problems. The show is a mix of comedy and romance.

Her Private Life Drama Review

Drama Her Private Life
Hangul 그녀의 사생활
Hanja 그女의 私生活
Revised Romanization Geunyeoui Sasaenghwal
Channel tvN
Director Hong Jong-chan
Producers Bon Factory Worldwide
Starring Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook
Writer/Screenplay by Kim Hye-young
Country of origin South Korea
Release date April 10, 2019
IMDB rating 7.7/10
Google users rating 85% liked this TV show
Total episodes 16
The first episode’s airing date April 10, 2019
Average episode length 60 minutes
Language Korean
Genre Romantic comedy
This show is  Romantic and Funny
Maturity rating 15+

Her Private Life Drama Cast

Actor Character
Kim Jae-wook Ryan Gold
Park Min-young Sung Deok-mi
Bo Hyun Ahn Nam Eun-gi
One Cha Shi-a
Kim Bo-ra Cindy
Park Jin-joo Lee Seon-joo
Kim Mi-kyung Go Young-sook 
Kim Sun-young Uhm So-hye
Hong Seo-young Choi Da-in
Lee Il-hwa Gong Eun-young
Jeong Won-chang Kim Yoo-seob
Im Ji-kyu Kang Seung-min
Seo Ye-hwa Yoo Kyung-ah
Maeng Sang-hoon Sung Geun-ho
Park Myung-shin Nam Se-yeon
Kim Young-ok Duk-mi’s grandmother
Lee Han-wi Eom So-Hye’s husband
Park Seul-gi MC
Jung Soo-young __
Seo Sang-won Noh Suk
Hwang Hyo-Eun Latte
Amy Aleha __

Her Private Life Overview

Her Private Life Overview

Her Private Life is a Korean drama that aired in 2019. It tells the story of Sung Deok-mi, who works as an art gallery curator. She loves her job and is very good at it. But, she has a secret: she is a huge fan of K-pop but keeps this hidden. When a new boss, Ryan Gold, comes to the gallery, they start to like each other. The drama is funny and romantic as it shows how Deok Mi tries to keep her fan life secret while dealing with her feelings for Ryan.

Original SoundTrack

Part 1

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Help Me
  • Park Geun-cheol
  • Lim Hyun-joon
  • Soyeon
  • Park Geun-cheol
  • Lim Hyun-joon
(G)I-DLE 3:58
2. Help Me (Inst.)  
  • Park Geun-cheol
  • Lim Hyun-joon
Total length: 7:56

Part 2

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Floating (둥둥) Kim Ho-kyung 1601 Hong Dae-kwang 3:22
2. Floating (Inst.)   1601   3:22
Total length: 6:44

Part 3

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Shining Star Glody
  • Glody
  • Vulcan4
  • Hidden Card
IN2IT 2:56
2. Shining Star (Inst.)  
  • Glody
  • Vulcan4
  • Hidden Card
Total length: 5:52

Part 4

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Maybe Galactika
  • Athena
  • Galactika
Lee Hae-ri (Davichi) 3:48
2. Maybe (Inst.)  
  • Athena
  • Galactika
Total length: 7:36

Part 5

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Happy
  • Joo Seong-geun
  • Alan JS Han
  • Oh Ji-hyeon
  • Joo Seong-geun
1415 3:05
2. Happy (Inst.)  
  • Oh Ji-hyeon
  • Joo Seong-geun
Total length: 6:10

Part 6

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Think of You Kim Ho-kyung 1601 Ha Sung-woon 4:18
2. Think of You (Inst.)   1601   4:18
Total length: 8:36

Part 7

No. Title Lyrics Music Artist Length
1. Smile Again
  • Park Geun-chul
  • DANI
  • RUNY
  • JUNO
RUNY 3:21
2. Smile Again (Inst.)  
  • RUNY
  • JUNO
Total length: 6:42


No. Title Artist Length
1. Starstruck Accident Various Artists 2:14
2. Hello!Ryan gold Hello! Various Artists 2:08
3. Romance of Deokhoo Various Artists 2:25
4. Mr. Wolf Various Artists 1:53
5. Trauma Various Artists 3:37
6. Ddu Ddu Various Artists 2:22
7. Thinking Lion Various Artists 2:22
8. Lazy Violin Various Artists 2:27
9. Code name Sinagil Various Artists 2:38
10. Rabbit Couple Various Artists 2:55
11. Photo Zone Various Artists 1:30
12. Water Drops Various Artists 2:50
13. The goddess of cannon Various Artists 2:07
14. U, Who? Various Artists 2:03
15. Good and Gone Various Artists 3:20
16. The Age of Deokhoo Various Artists 2:15
17. Draw the Line Various Artists 1:57
18. Home Master Various Artists 2:32
19. Story of us Various Artists 4:45
20. The best golden lion Various Artists 1:58
21. The Picture of the Water drops Various Artists 2:13
22. Idol fan club Various Artists 2:50
23. I like you Various Artists 4:00
24. Deokjil Mate Various Artists 2:06
25. Sweet Day Various Artists 1:08
26. Crayon Various Artists 1:49
27. Deokhoo’s song Various Artists 1:59
28. Busy Day Various Artists 1:27
29. The game of wit Various Artists 1:46
30. Like this Various Artists 2:14
31. Missing Various Artists 4:08
32. Deokming out Various Artists 1:53
Total length: 77:51

K Drama Her Private Life Storyline

K Drama Her Private Life Storyline

Her Private Life unfolds around Sung Deok-mi, a dedicated art gallery curator who excels in her profession. However, beneath her professional facade lies a hidden passion: she is an avid K-pop fan, secretly dedicating herself to her favorite idol. This aspect of her life is something she fiercely protects, fearing the potential judgment and complications it could bring to her career and social standing. The drama takes a turn when a new director arrives at the gallery, threatening to unveil Deok Mi’s carefully guarded secret world, setting the stage for a story that explores themes of identity, passion, and the dichotomy between one’s private and public selves.

Plot Summary

Her Private Life is a story about Sung Deok-mi, who loves her job at an art gallery. She is very good at her work. But Deok Mi has a secret: she really likes K-pop music and is a big fan, but she keeps this secret from everyone. She doesn’t want her work friends or her new boss to know about her love for K-pop. The drama shows how Deok Mi tries to keep her fan life secret while dealing with new challenges at her job.



In “Her Private Life,” the story takes a significant turn when Sung Deok-mi and Ryan Gold begin to develop feelings for each other amidst a fake dating scenario intended to deter gossip about Deok Mi and her idol. The climax of the drama is multifaceted, involving the revelation of Deok Mi’s secret fangirl life to Ryan, the unfolding of Ryan’s own past, and his connection to Deok Mi beyond their professional relationship, and how these revelations affect their relationship.

As they navigate through misunderstandings and the challenges posed by their secrets, the drama explores themes of identity, privacy, and the impact of past traumas on current relationships. The climax intensifies when Ryan discovers the truth about his past and his connection to Deok Mi, leading to emotional moments that test their bond. The resolution comes as they confront their pasts, openly communicate their feelings, and decide to embrace their true selves, highlighting the importance of honesty and understanding in a relationship.

Parents Guide

Her Private Life is generally considered suitable for teenagers and older audiences, as reflected in its varied age ratings across countries, such as TV-14 in the United States and equivalent ratings elsewhere, indicating it may contain content not suitable for children under 14 years. The drama, centering around themes of identity, secrecy, and adult relationships, presents material that parents might find more appropriate for viewers who can better understand and appreciate the complexity of its romantic and emotional nuances. While there’s no explicit content that deems it inappropriate for younger viewers, the maturity of its themes suggests it’s best suited for an audience that can engage with its portrayal of relationships and personal growth, making it advisable for parents to consider these aspects when deciding if it’s appropriate for their children.

Her Private Life Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2019 12th Korea Drama Awards Best Original Soundtrack Maybe (Lee Hae-ri) Nominated

User Reviews

  • They really liked the drama because it showed a healthy relationship between the main characters even after they got together. They appreciated the supportive and respectful nature of the relationship and enjoyed the backstories of the characters that come together at the end​​.
  • They felt the drama started strong, but the writing weakened after episode 10. They enjoyed the relationships between side characters but wished these had been explored more in later episodes. Despite some flaws, they loved the main couple’s chemistry​​.
  • They liked the lead actors and their chemistry but were disappointed that the fangirl storyline was dropped halfway through. They also felt the drama could have been shorter and found some plot elements too coincidental​​.
  • They found the drama watchable but criticized its reliance on too many coincidences and felt the storyline was dragged out over too many episodes. They enjoyed the lead’s acting but found some of the romantic scenes awkward due to the actors’ maturity​​.
  • They found the drama entertaining and a good pick for rom-com lovers. They highlighted Kim Jae-Wook’s cute and composed character alongside Park Min-young’s bubbly performance. They enjoyed the wholesome rom-com experience​​.

Her Private Life OST

Her Private Life Trailer

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