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Uraan Drama

Uraan is a Pakistani drama series produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under their production banner, 7th Sky Entertainment. The series stars Kinza Hashmi and Adeel Chaudhry in the lead roles, with Usama Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Farhan Ahmed Malhi, Rubina Ashraf, Zainab Qayyum, and Nida Mumtaz in pivotal roles. It is a story that encompasses themes of dreams, aspirations, and the dynamics of societal relationships.

Uraan  Drama Review

Drama Uraan
Channel Har Pal Geo
Director Shaqielle Khan
Producer Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
Starring Kinza Hashmi, Adeel Chaudhry, Usama Khan, Aijaz Aslam and Farhan Ahmed Malhi
Writer Jahanzeb Qamar
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 31 August, 2020
IMDB rating 6.0/10
Google Users 89% liked this TV show
Total episodes 45
First episode’s airing date 31 August, 2020
Last episode’s date 30 October 2020
Average episode length 35–43 minutes

Uraan Drama Cast

Actor/Actress Character Description
Kinza Hashmi Malika; Sister of Aqeel and Manahil, Asim’s fiance, love interest of Atif and Nooryan.
Adeel Chaudhry Asim; A simple and decent person, cousin of Malika, Aqeel, and Manahil.
Aijaz Aslam Atif Nawaz; A renowned actor who falls in love with Malika.
Usama Khan Nooryan; Love interest of Malika and only son of Baaji.
Rubina Ashraf Baaji; Long-time servant of Atif and his family who resides with him after the death of Atif’s parents.
Farhan Ahmed Malhi Aqeel; Brother of Malika and Manahil and boyfriend of Zoya.
Nida Mumtaz Zahida; Mother of Malika, Aqeel, and Manahil (Munni) and elder sister of Salma.
Rimha Ahmed Minahil (Munni); Youngest daughter of Zahida who is hardworking.
Lubna Aslam Salma; Asim’s mother and sister of Zahida.
Zainab Qayyum Zoha; Above age girlfriend of Aqeel.
Danish Wakeel Zaheer; Cousin of Zoha.
Arez Ahmed Waqas; Wealthy friend of Aqeel.
Annie Zaidi Sumaira; Waqas’s mother.
Zohreh Ali Navera; Cousin of Waqas.
Mahrukh Rizvi Sana; Office colleague of Asim.
Khaled Anam Faizan;
Saba Khan
Mubassira Khanum Grandmother of Asim.

Geo TV Drama Uraan Storyline

Geo TV Drama Uraan Storyline

Uraan is a Pakistani drama that revolves around the aspirations and struggles of Malika and her brother Aqeel, who are determined to break free from the confines of poverty. Malika, not content with just saving money, seeks a quicker path to wealth. Her life takes a significant turn when she catches the attention of Atif Nawaz, a prominent figure in the media industry, leading her to question the worth of her middle-class fiance. As the story unfolds, Malika discovers the deceptive nature of her newfound glamorous life and learns the true value of the people she initially felt deceived by​​.

The drama, directed by Shakeel Shaiq and produced by 7th Sky Entertainment, aired on Geo-TV, featuring a strong ensemble cast including Kinza Hashmi, Aijaz Aslam, Adeel Chaudhry, and others. Kinza Hashmi, known for her powerful performances, plays the lead role of Malika, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative. The story is a blend of drama, action, and thriller elements, capturing the audience’s attention with its twists and turns​​.

Uraan Plot Summary

Malika wants more from life than just slowly saving money. She and her brother, Aqeel, are tired of being poor and want to find quick ways to make money. When Malika gets attention from Atif Nawaz, a famous person in the media, she starts to think her fiancé, who doesn’t earn much, isn’t good enough for her. But later, she finds out that this new glamorous life is fake, and the people she turned her back on are actually her true friends.

Uraan Synopsis

Uraan Synopsis

In the heart of “Uraan,” the drama takes a significant turn when Malika, driven by her ambition to escape poverty, becomes entangled with Atif Nawaz, a media tycoon whose attention shifts her perspective on life and love. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of Malika’s journey into a world filled with glamour and deceit, leading her away from her simple fiancé.

The climax unfolds as Malika’s illusions about her new life are shattered, revealing the harsh truths behind the facade of wealth and fame. It is in this moment of revelation that she comes to understand the real value of genuine relationships and the simplicity she once took for granted. The narrative skillfully navigates through these turning points, presenting a compelling exploration of ambition, betrayal, and redemption, ultimately leading to a conclusion where Malika must confront the consequences of her choices and seek forgiveness from those she wronged.

User Reviews

  • Absolutely loved ‘Uraan’ for its riveting storyline and exceptional performances, especially by Kinza Hashmi. The drama does a fantastic job of portraying the complexities of ambition and love. It’s a must-watch for anyone who enjoys deep, thought-provoking narratives.
  • I started watching ‘Uraan’ with high expectations, and it didn’t disappoint. The plot twists were unpredictable, and the character development was superb. It’s refreshing to see a drama that delves into the consequences of our choices. Highly recommend it!
  • ‘Uraan’ is an emotional rollercoaster that captures the essence of family, love, and ambition. Each episode kept me hooked with its intense drama and unexpected turns. The background score and cinematography deserve special mention too. Definitely one of the best dramas of the year.
  • Kinza Hashmi and Aijaz Aslam have outdone themselves in ‘Uraan.’ The storyline is a blend of action, thrill, and emotions, making it a unique watch. It’s rare to find a drama that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Kudos to the entire team for such a brilliant show.
  • Watched ‘Uraan’ on a friend’s recommendation and was blown away by the narrative’s depth. The drama beautifully highlights the struggle between personal desires and moral values. The ending was particularly powerful, leaving a lasting impression. Would definitely watch it again.

Uraan OST

Uraan Trailer

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