GEO TV Drama Fitrat – Reviews, Cast, OST, Teaser, and Storyline

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Fitrat Drama Cast Details:

  1. Saboor Aly
  2. Zain Baig
  3. Zubab Rana
  4. Ali Abbas
  5. Mariyam Nafees
  6. Ayesha Gul

Fitrat Drama Director Producer and Writer:

The Drama serial Fitrat is directed by Asad Jabal and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and Written by Nuzhat Saman.

Fitrat Drama Release Date:

Released on 2nd November 2020

Fitrat Drama Timing:

The drama will start from Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM

Fitrat Drama Story:

Fitrat Drama is the new drama serial of 7th Sky Entertainment. The story of the drama serial revolves around a girl who is a gold digger. The role is going to be performed by the talented actress Saboor Aly. She is going to perform the role of Fariha who is selfish and who loves money nothing else and she is the girl who doesn’t care about anyone’s emotions and feelings. Fariha is going to marry a guy who is named Shahbaz.

They both get married secretly to someone who loves her but Fariha is not sincere with him. Shahbaz soon realizes this bitter truth and they both get separated soon. This drama serial is going to be a thrilling drama and audiences are very excited to watch this on the screen.

Fitrat Drama Reviews:

Fitrat drama is the new drama serial of Geo Entertainment. The story is of a young girl who belongs to a middle-class family and she always wants to fulfill her dreams. To fulfill her dreams, she becomes a gold digger, who loves the money she doesn’t even care about anyone’s feelings and emotions. Shahbaz falls in love with Fariha and they both get married secretly.

She is not sincere with her husband, soon he will realize that she loves money and she is not sincere with him so they get divorced. This drama serial is going to be the most thrilling. Teasers OST’s are uploaded and the audience is very excited to watch this drama on the screen.

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