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Fitoor Drama

Fitoor is a Pakistani drama about love and destiny. It tells the story of Dilnasheen, who is in love with Hamza but ends up marrying Haider due to family pressure. Haider is still attached to his past love, Mehmal, making the situation complicated. The drama explores themes of loyalty, love, and the impact of past relationships on the present. It aired on Geo Entertainment and received attention for its storyline and performances.

Fitoor  Drama Review

Drama Fitoor
Channel Geo Entertainment
Director Siraj-ul-Haque
Producer Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
Starring Faysal Qureshi, Wahaj Ali, Hiba Bukhari and Kiran Haq
Writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah
Country of origin Pakistan
Release date 14 January – 22 September 2021
IMDB rating 5.5/10
Genre Romantic and family
Google Users 92% liked this TV show
Total episodes 48
First episode’s airing date 14 January, 2021
Last episode’s date 22 September 2021
Average episode length 37 minutes approx

Fitoor Cast

Actor Character
Hiba Bukhari Dilnasheen
Wahaj Ali Hamza
Faysal Quraishi
Kanwal Khan Afsiya
Mizna Waqas Afia
Fahima Awan Sara
Kiran Haq Mehmal
Zohreh Amir Rida
Aayat Arif Eshal
Saba Hameed Aneesa
Ismat Zaidi Bushra
Tipu Sharif Ansab
Tanveer Jamal Sadiq
Farhan Ally Agha Asim
Annie Zaidi Kulsoom
Kamran Jilani Yawar
Saife Hassan Haroon

GEO TV Drama Fitoor Storyline

GEO TV Drama Fitoor Storyline

Fitoor is a story about a girl named Dilnasheen who is in love with Hamza, her best friend’s brother. However, due to family pressure, she marries Haider, a rich man who is still in love with his past love, Mehmal.

The drama unfolds as Dilnasheen tries to adjust to her new life while dealing with her feelings for Hamza and Haider’s lingering feelings for Mehmal. It’s a tale of love, sacrifice, and the complexities of human relationships set against the backdrop of societal norms and expectations.

Fitoor Plot Summary

Hamza and Dilnasheen really love each other and want to get married. But suddenly, things change when Haider, who is alone and misses his old love, Mehmal, meets Dilnasheen at a wedding and likes her a lot. At the same time, Mehmal, who is not happy in her marriage, comes back into Haider’s life. This causes the lives of these four people to mix up. They go through a story full of strong love, big secrets, surprising discoveries, strong beliefs, deep sadness, intense revenge, strong dislike, and bold challenges.

Fitoor Synopsis

Fitoor Synopsis

Fitoor is a drama about a young girl, Dilnasheen, who falls in love with Hamza. But her life changes when she has to marry Haider, a man still in love with his past, Mehmal. The story shows how these four people’s lives get mixed up. It’s about their love, mistakes, and how they deal with past and present feelings. The drama is full of emotions and shows how complicated love can be.

Fitoor Awards and Nominations

Ceremony Categories Recipients Results
21st Lux Style Awards Best TV Play Fitoor Nominated
Best TV Track Shani Arshad & Aima Baig

User Reviews

  • Fitoor has been both praised and criticised, with its talented cast receiving accolades for their performances, particularly the nuanced portrayal of complex characters and their emotional journeys.
  • The drama’s exploration of themes such as sacrifice, redemption, and the consequences of passion adds depth to its narrative, engaging audiences with its reflective societal commentary.
  • Criticisms focus on the portrayal of toxic relationships and problematic gender roles, with some pointing out the show’s glorification of questionable male behaviours and the trivialisation of serious issues like parenting and infidelity.
  • The ending of Fitoor has been particularly controversial, described as predictable and criticised for highlighting women’s mistakes while overlooking men’s, leading to dissatisfaction among viewers looking for a more balanced resolution.
  • Despite its controversies, Fitoor has managed to capture audience attention and spark debate about the portrayal of complex relationships in the Pakistani drama industry, reflecting societal norms and individual choices through its storytelling.

Fitoor OST

Fitoor Trailer

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